Inspiring Millennials with Erica Ligenza

Inspiring interview with Erica Ligenza on #bloggers do's & don'ts, pitching brands, and so much more! #BossPitch

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Woooo! A Way Back Wednesday!!! Throwing it back to almost 1 year ago (July 25th, 2016)  to my vlog interview with Erica Ligenza! But in honor of Erica relaunching her fantastic e-course BossPitch, which I took and saw some amazing results from (more on that in this post, and how to get a FREE 1-1 with me!! A $275 value!), I wanted to re-share our interview which I think bloggers will get a ton of value and insight from!

Erica Ligenza, the blogger behind Coming Up Roses (CUR) is 23-year-old full-time influencer and marketing strategist from the Wharton School with a love for happy people, strong coffee, bold lipsticks and killer branding. She believes in living in your passions and currently works with brands as a content influencer, creates courses for aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs, and builds brand strategies for savvy business owners. She nerds out over big words and cool documentaries, collecting coffee mugs with quotes, and helping people have branding breakthroughs.

You are going to fall in love with her during this week's episode! She has an awesome personality, and provides so much value!

During the interview we cover A LOT of ground (seriously, you won't want to miss this episode!):

– To niche or to not to niche. Do new bloggers really need to niche? If you caught my reflections from my first blogiversary, you know I am so not about niching down already!

– Tips for finding your brands voice and figuring out what fits for your blogs brand

– Effectively utilize internships to accelerate your career goals (and how she jumped from student intern to full time blogger)

– Making the shift from blogger to influencer, and what that looks like

– 2 Things Bloggers Do That Hurt Our Industry (and Income)

– The difference between working for free between bloggers and brands

– Why numbers don't mean anything to determine your influence

– How to pitch brands and bloggers you want to work with

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If you have any questions about the course, don't hesitate to ask! Erica already told me, she doesn't know when it will re-launch, but she guarantees it the price is going up on the next launch!

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49 thoughts on “Inspiring Millennials with Erica Ligenza”

  1. Samantha Curtis

    Love all of these topics! I’ve known Erica for awhile and am so amazed at what she’s done! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. It can definitely help then! I’ve been having great success! Early bird pricing ends tonight and then the price goes up to full price from 5/24-31 then cart closes!

  2. Jennifer Schmidt

    I love her blog! I am going to be sitting with a glass of wine tonight and watching this!!

    1. Enjoy it! It was one of my first ever interviews and is one of my favorites! It’s a little all over the place, but super informative/insightful! Let me know if you have any questions about it or BossPitch (early bird pricing ends tonight, then it jumps to full price tomorrow!)

  3. Delona Benitez

    Can’t wait to watch this interview! Definitely interested after reading one of your previous posts about BossPitch.

    1. Hope you find it informative! this was a year ago, and one of my first interviews so we’ve both definitely grown since then! Let me know if you have any questions about BossPitch! The early bird pricing ends tonight and it jumps to full price at midnight!

  4. Shannon @ Lady's Little Loves

    This looks very beneficial! I may have to look further into this!

  5. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Your last blog I read talked about this program too! I might need to make the leap and try it!

    1. Haha! She’s only opening the cart for a limited time! Early bird pricing ends tonight, then it goes to full, then closes in a week! Let me know if you have any questions about it!

  6. I love Erica, she is such an authentic blogger with so much energy and passion! I am sure BossPitch is THE BEST!

  7. Great interview! This sounds like an awesome course for all bloggers wanting to up their game.

  8. So excited to listen to this – I love both of your blogs, you’ve both mastered the “providing value” thing in a way that I truly admire!

  9. Listened to half the interview – great discussion. Pinned to hear the rest later.

  10. I signed up for Erica’s course the first day it launched because the girl really does know her stuff and I’m ready to take my blog to the next level.

  11. This is a great interview – I love the freedom of blogging too. And I love the tone and style of Coming Up Roses. You both have beautiful sites!

  12. loved the whole interview…understanding value and what you bring to others is important. i haven’t guest posted before but the offers i’ve had haven’t felt good in my gut. loved hearing both your thoughts on that. thanks!

  13. Erica is so amazing. I just love her bubbly personality and her inspiring courses and posts! I love that you are adding your own strategy, too! How sweet!!!

  14. Jazzmine Woodard

    So much great information. I’ll have to watch a couple more times to catch it all. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Elizabeth Johnson

    Holy Moses, this was so helpful!! Loved every second. Cannot wait to get started with you guys!

  16. Brittany Daoud

    This was so amazing, so much great content, and Erica is SO inspiring! Thank you for doing this interview! It’s great to really share blogging tips and this was so real!

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