Inspiring Millennials with Brooke Eden

 Brooke Eden is a country singer originally from West Palm Beach, FL, now residing in Nashville, TN. Brooke has had hit singles such as  "American Dreamin" or "Daddy's Money". Brooke joins us on this episode of "Inspiring Millennials" to discuss working on her dream, what the life of a country singer is really like, and relationships in our twenties.


You might know the name Brooke Eden if you caught this post on how my fiancee and I got together… Or you might know her from her hit singles “American Dreamin” or “Daddy's Money”.


Brooke Eden and I go way back… like to when we were 4 years old in South Florida. We lost touch and reconnected at college orientation. I remember seeing her and just making a bee-line for her because there was something so familiar, and special about her.

We picked up right where we left off and I've watched her work her tail off making her dream of becoming a country singer come true! While in college Brooke opened up for Lynyrd Skynyrd during homecoming, all the while counting down the days until she graduated and saved up enough money to move to Nashville and make her dreams come true.

What I've always loved about Brooke is how she commands respect and is one of the most grounded people I know. Brooke is that friend who will come running if you are in a jam or heart broken. I have watched her build some of the strongest and most supportive friendships during times where jealousy or competition would get the best of others, especially in our twenties. I think her level-headedness, confidence, and loyalty is part of what makes her a great artist. She really brings a great mix of relatability, self-respect, and sass to her music that I think other confused millennials will totally relate with.

During the interview we talk about:

  • Her journey in the music industry that led to her getting signed by Broken Bow Records
  • Where the inspiration for her songs comes from
  • What it really looks like when you're working towards a dream
  • The importance of self-care and staying humble in becoming successful
  • Being heart broken in your twenties when it seems like everyone is getting married and popping out babies
  • The interview closes on something that a lot of us bloggers and on-line entrepreneurs really know the struggle of comparison and competition… this is something that Brooke really knows too as everyone in Nashville is working for the same dream. Brooke shares wonderful advice on how to really embody the mindset of “community over competition”


Check out Brooke on all social media platforms as Brooke Eden Music and stay tuned for her EP release!




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