Inspiring Millennial Series: Mr. & Mrs. Adventure

 The Confused Millennial vlog series


I am so excited to launch this series! The “Inspiring Millennials” series is your new #MondayMotivation! This series focuses on sharing the experiences and struggles of real life people who have overcome challenges or taken the road less traveled in life.

In our first episode I interview some college friends, Mr. and Mrs. Adventure. They quit their 9 to 5's to move into a van and travel the world! They talk about how they started traveling, decided to launch a travel blog, turned it into a revenue generator and living life as digital nomads. These two are constantly facing obstacles and challenges while traveling and I am so in awe of their resourcefulness and resilience.



One of my favorite gems from this interview was when Brittany said,

“it's about doing what you love for yourself and knowing that it will become what it's supposed to become because you are putting the right energy into it”

I couldn't agree more with this sentiment… When we put our energy into the right place, the place that fuels our soul, new opportunities arise which give us more flexibility and freedom to continue following that dream.

I think one of the most inspiring things about this interview is how these two are in the middle of something big and really going through some common challenges of growing a business like supplementing income, building a community, and finding a strategy that works.

Connect with them at and on Instagram @mrandmrsadventure

Drew and Brittany touched on a really important point during their interview: the power of writing goals down to manifest your dreams. So do you want your free goal setting guide? Click the button below to get instant access and start manifesting your dreams today!



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