21 Inspirational Self-Help Books To Read This Year

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If you've been a reader for a while, you know that my golden rule for living your best life, is to unlearn everything you've been taught up to this point. I believe in turning inward and seeking new ways of viewing the world in order to re-discover who we truly are. Which is why I'm thrilled to round up some of my favorite inspiring, self-help style books to shift your inner perspective. While reading these, remember it's always YOUR choice of what you integrate into your new belief systems, you can take a little from one, and a little from another, or reject the authors beliefs systems (as I share in some of the summaries below). It's allllll about opening your mind to new heights though, so enjoy and have fun reading these!

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List of Inspirational Self-Help Books To Read This Year

Man's Search For Meaning

Probably the book I've read the most on this list (like at least 15 times). Viktor Frankl shares his observations while imprisoned in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Both a psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, he uses his unique knowledge and experience to create a new form of therapy: logo therapy. The first half of the book is his personal experience and observations and the second half of the book is an explanation of logo therapy.

The Untethered Soul

If you're tired of fighting or blocking what you really want in life then definitely pick this one up! Singer describes how you can free yourself from parts of your ego that are holding you back, harness more of your inner energy/power, and prioritize your life.

The Alchemist

In this story, Santiago meets an Englishman who wants to learn the secret of alchemy (turning any metal into gold). Santiago decides to pursue his Personal Legend (similar to your purpose in life) and find a treasure at the pyramids. During his journey he learns to listen to the desert and discovers some deep realizations about the world. I included it on the list because it's a classic – but tbh, it's not my favorite.

The Four Agreements

This is a super short easy read by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book basically breaks down four agreements that readers can use as a guide in their daily life towards personal freedom.

Wherever You Go There You Are

One of the first books that really helped me sink my teeth into my meditation practice! This is a simple and easy to understand/incorporate guide for integrating mindfulness meditations into your everyday life.

The Power Of Now

Eckhart Tolle breaks down the importance of living in the present moment while providing actionable strategies to live minute to minute so we can stop wasting time in worry or regret.

You Are A Badass

Truth: I've never made it through this book in it's entirety. If you've read a ton of self-help books, maybe skip this one; it's kind of slow. BUT I included it on the list since SO many people I know love and swear by it. I would say it's a beginners book to owning who you are and overcoming obstacles.

The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is a powerful energy healing frequency that can heal past wounds, change the dynamics of a relationship, and so much more. The book breaks down all the uses of this energy, while teaching you how to harness it's power through practical and spiritual techniques. Personally I use this knowledge in my life almost every single day. While it's a dense/slow read, the skills are invaluable!

Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love!) breaks down six areas to focus on to find the courage to pursue a creative life. The six areas she covers are: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity.

Women Who Run With the Wolves

This is an excellent read on how women have lost touch with their intuitive nature – aka the Wild Woman – who is slowing becoming endangered. By reconnecting to our inner Wild Woman we can tap into the stories, wisdom, and knowledge from the past to bring out passion, creativity, wisdom, and a powerful force that can accomplish anything.

Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People

This is a fantastic read if you find yourself constantly drained or impacted by other people's energy! It gives the reader actual tools and exercises to practice to transmute the energy around them.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

Probably one of my favorite Gabby Bernstein books. Although I will say, if you've read all of Gabby's books, they do tend to become repetitive after a while. In this book she teaches readers how to use their inner energetic powers to manifest greatness and clear out any blocks.

The Celestine Prophecy

In this novel by James Redfield, the main character journeys to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights.

The Secret

Probably one of the more notable books on the list, Rhonda Byrne breaks down the “law of attraction” and how to apply it to your life to manifest what you want.

A Return To Love

Marianne Williamson reflects on the teachings from A Course in Miracles and the search for inner peace.

Be Here Now

While this is definitely an older book, Ram Dass is one of the more known spiritual leaders so I had to include it. It's all about his journey's in India through spirituality, yoga, and meditation.

The Soul Searcher's Handbook

This is definitely a great book for beginners into all things woo-woo, especially for millennial women.

Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High-Vibe Life

Another fantastic book for millennial women looking to explore woo-woo magic. Ruby Warrington breaks down everything from upgrading your thinking, working with crystal, dharma, astrology, tarot and so much more!

The Practice: Simple Tools for Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace, and Uncovering Happiness

My sweet friend Barb Schmidt wrote this book about her own practice. She's literally one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet, so you're 100% going to want to learn from her. She studied under teachers like Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson. Everything with her is always very relatable, practical, and actionable.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

I was on the fence about putting this book on here. It started off pretty slow for me, and I don't agree with Manson's over the top masculine point of view on all matters (I believe we exist in the gray, and this feels very black and white at times). But as I continued reading on in it, I have to admit, it was engaging, captivating, and ended up winning me over with the stories he chose to include. It's also a wildly popular book that most absolutely love!

List Of 20 Inspirational Self-Help Books To Read This Year

  1. Man's Search For Meaning
  2. The Untethered Soul
  3. The Alchemist
  4. The Four Agreements
  5. Wherever You Go There You Are
  6. The Power Of Now
  7. You Are A Badass
  8. The Violet Flame
  9. Big Magic
  10. Women Who Run With the Wolves
  11. Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People
  12. The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith
  13. The Celestine Prophecy
  14. The Secret
  15. A Return To Love
  16. Be Here Now
  17. The Soul Searcher's Handbook
  18. Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High-Vibe Life
  19. The Practice: Simple Tools for Managing Stress, Finding Inner Peace, and Uncovering Happiness
  20. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

This post was originally published on 05/20/18