Huhu Everyday Diaper Backpack Review: Best Diaper Bag?

If you're looking for a huge diaper bag that doesn't feel like it, with the smartest compartments, and a sleek design that both mom and dad will feel comfortable wearing, look no further than Huhu's Everyday Diaper Backpack (discount code: TCM).

In the 5 years of being a mom, and 20 years of working with kids, I can honestly say it's the best diaper bag I've come across – and my husband agrees.

Key features:

  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Water resistant durable materials
  • Smartest designed compartments for the ultimate organization
  • Magnetic closures for one handed access and automatic closure
  • Diaper clutch for when you become a more seasoned parent and leave with just diapers + wipes
  • Includes a changing pad and 2 zippered packing pouches
  • Clam shell opening for easy access
  • Use code TCM for a discount here!

Watch the video review:

What makes the Huhu Diaper bag so good?

Like I said, this diaper bag is *the best* I've tested.

I'm not the only mom who feels that way, one mom on Reddit said “it's the answer to all my parenting woes!”

When evaluating a diaper bag here's what I consider:

  • Aesthetic: My husband and I often share the bag, so we look for something gender neutral with clean lines. Bonus when it's lightweight because we tend to overpack a diaper bag for long outings or travel!
  • Durability: When kids are involved, things get…messy. We look for something water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable enough to get trampled over the years
  • Function: I need something that's easy to open (bonus if it's easy to close because my husband ALWAYS leaves the bag open which inevitably leads to things spilling everywhere) and has good organizational systems in place (again, husband drops everything everywhere otherwise).

And Huhu meets all of these with flying colors (code TCM for a discount)!

They even use aircraft grade aluminum hardware which may seem like an odd feature to geek out over, but living close to the beach our zippers often rust, and we don't have to worry about that with this bag.

I love the durable, water resistant material with kids and travel. I love the insane amount of organizational compartments. And I love how lightweight it is.

Huhu Everyday Diaper Bag Pros + Cons


  • Water resistant PFA-free recycled material
  • Magnetic closure for one-handed access
  • 11 pockets for the ultimate organization + functionality
  • Lightweight
  • Stroller clip loops
  • Includes a changing pad + packing pouches
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Padded ergonomic backpack design
  • On the lower end of pricing for designer diaper bags


  • No insulated pockets
  • Portable wipes dispenser bag (from the Changing Wallet) can break easily along the seem if over stuffed
  • Pricier than the average cheap diaper bag; but on the lower end of designer diaper bags

There's so many features to dive into, I don't even know where to start! But let's jump in:

Huhu Diaper Backpack Features

Magnetic Closures

The Huhu Everyday Diaper Backpack features a magnetic closure buckle for one-handed access to the main bag. The magnetic closure can also catch and close on its own when done.

Additionally it has one roomy easy access magnetic closure front pocket, that you just slip your hand into and grab what you need, as well as the same feature on the side pockets. I love this to avoid the bag getting stretched out over time!

Clamshell Opening

This was a feature I didn't even know I needed until I experienced it! Basically after you unbuckle you have the option to zip down the backpack to see everything inside with ease. It offers more of a “stadium” view versus a “birds eye” view like some other brands which I LOVE!

This makes finding things – and cleaning the bottom – an absolute breeze!!

When the sides are zipped up, you get some extra storage space too!


The Huhu diaper backpack has a whopping 11 pockets!! It's one of the smartest designs I've found to date.

One of my favorite pockets to keep my headphones or glasses is at the top of a backpack, it usually a small pocket. However Huhu actually turned the entire top flap into a space top pocket with a key clip inside.

Additionally, you'll get two small pockets on the exterior side of the bag; one for small items like a wallet, keys, or sunglasses and the other is suggested for wipes that can be held in place via one of the internal pockets – how smart!?

Further down you'll find two external bottle pockets on either side, with a hidden “locker pocket” that's great for soiled clothes or hidden items behind one of the water bottle pockets.

Plus the roomy magnetic pocket I mentioned earlier.

Inside you're greeted to a spacious padded laptop pocket in the back. On the other side of this divider is a mesh pocket, which is great for a change of clothes. And on either side are small internal pockets.

Backpack details

The backpack features padded contour straps and a padded ergonomic back panel.

It's made from 100% recycled water resistant PFA-free polyester fabric that's super lightweight.


Included with each diaper bag is one easy to clean changing pad.

This is not super plush or anything, really just a wipe clean liner to change baby on.

It also comes with 2 zippered packing pouches that have a a see through front and interior pocket of their own.

Everyday Changing Wallet Review

Lastly – and what I get SUPER Excited about – is the Everyday Changing Wallet.

Technically you can purchase this separately; or bundle it for a discount which is what I suggest – and use discount code TCM for an even bigger deal here!

I think if you talk to any mom who has more than one kid, they will all tell you how they just leave the house with a diaper and some wipes. As kids grow the amount of stuff they needed ebbs and flows on the outing, so having the changing wallet only option is a game changer.

It features the same one-handed access magnetic closure buckle, then folds open to reveal a mesh pouch for diapers, a little magnetic closure spot for wipes, and a hidden pocket for a changing pad liner.

The changing wallet comes with a portable wipes dispenser, which is my only complaint we've experienced. The bag is designed to hold a very small amount of wipes, and I overstuffed it during our week long trip, which led to the seam splitting. Nothing a little tape couldn't fix, but it's the only aspect I found not particularly durable.

Some moms may want to keep these in the diaper bag to just grab the wallet for changing trips while the bag stores snacks and activities.

For us personally, we like to keep the wallet in our glove compartment at all times. With two kids over 2, we typically just do diaper changes in the car and reserve the diaper bag as our personal item on trips or during long outings.

Final thoughts

If you want a diaper bag that will last well beyond the infant years, then Huhu has you covered. The organization in both the diaper backpack and changing wallet are unlike anything I've experienced and I'm obsessed. I love the choice between packing a ton or heading out light. Cleaning them is a breeze and the durable material has sustained us from Disney World to Mexico with two kids! Use code TCM for a discount at checkout here!