How To Use Color To Live Your Best Life & Heal ft Walaa from Color-Ways

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Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Walaa from Color Ways, a certified color therapist who uses her knowledge and intuition to help women all over the world to transform their lives. Eric and I have both worked with her in the past, and we can’t recommend her enough!

So what exactly is color therapy? Well, like everything in the world, colors are made up of different energy frequencies. So by looking at the colors that we are at our core, we can gain a deeper self-awareness into who we are, move forward in our lives, and bring out our best selves – Walaa views it as “the map of our inner world.” Plus, as you’ll hear in this episode, it’s a lot of fun!


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 In This Conversation We Cover:

  • A five-minute color healing meditation!
  • Using numerology to find out what color your birthdate is associated with (and what that means) (find yours by clicking here)
  • What energetic frequencies are the most popular in the social media world
  • How you can use certain colors to move forward in your career and business
  • Why we need to bring certain colors into our lives – often the ones we hate the most
  • My full color profile & what it means
  • How working with green helped Walaa move forward, after her divorce
  • What black has the potential to bring into your life
  • Meditating with colors & color breathing
  • The beautiful gift of letting someone give
  • Robbing people of their experiences
  • Finding content
  • Embracing who you are




Color is the guidance to my intuition and my work.Click To Tweet


Color therapy is a science that has been here for ages. It’s been here for the longest time! It can be traced back to the Pharaohs, and it uses color to help you balance and help you find yourself.Click To Tweet


I see color therapy as the map of our inner world.Click To Tweet


It’s about really trusting our color choices. Once we understand how these vibrations work, we can really use them to manifest, understand ourselves better, and tune into ourselves better.Click To Tweet


Anything that triggers us should be questioned.Click To Tweet


Every color you wear, every color you eat, every color you look at, every color you think of is doing something to your psyche and to your being.Click To Tweet


When we give to people, we get on this beautiful high. It’s so beautiful, it’s so healing when you give to someone. And when you don’t allow someone to give to you, you’re stealing that experience from them; you’re not allowing them to feel that way, and that’s so sad. That’s selfish!Click To Tweet


We can’t only work with our spiritual body – we have to work with our emotional body, mental body, and physical body; all of the different bodies that make up our entire aura and energy.Click To Tweet


Embrace your vulnerability, be courageous with it, and just stop trying to be positive.Click To Tweet


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