How To Make A Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath

Sharing how to make a Dollar Tree Halloween ornament wreath in this step-by-step tutorial today! It's the first wreath I've ever made and I only used supplies from the dollar store! I'm SO obsessed with how it came out! Totally gives me “Nightmare Before Christmas” vibes!

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Watch the step-by-step tutorial in the video!


  • 6 cases of Halloween Ornaments from Dollar Tree
  • 1 Wire wreath frame
  • 1 Purple ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
How To Make A Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath supply list
How To Make A Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath supply list

Step by Step: How To Make A Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath

Step 1: Prep your wire frame

Take your purple ribbon and cover the smallest circle of the wire frame. It doesn't need to be perfect or look great. Just cover it.

You'll also want to take some purple ribbon and tie some off to create a loop once you figure out where you want your top to be. The loop will be used to hang your finished wreath.

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Step 2: Apply your ornaments

On the outermost edge of your wire wreath frame, apply a line of ornaments with your hot glut gun. I laid out the ornament and where I wanted it to hit first, then applied glue directly on the spots of hte ornaments I knew would stick to the wire frame or another ornament and then applied that to the wire frame. Occasionally I needed to add more glue. You'll need to hold each ornament in place for 30-60 seconds.

Once the outer rim is full ornamented up, add another row of ornaments to the top middle using the same technique.

It may look a little funny, as none of the ornaments are getting glued to the inner ring of the wreath – that's okay!

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Step 3: Fill in the gaps

Hang your wreath on a white a surface you can easily spot any gaps. You'll want to look at your wreath from all sides/angles. (see video)

Then you'll just cut tiny strips of the purple ribbon (I think mine were about 3 inches long) and push them through any gaps. The great thing here is, since most of the ornaments are glittered it creates a nice texture/friction so you shouldn't have to glue anything.

It can help to use the closed scissors or a pencil to push the ribbon through smaller gaps.

I'd LOVE to see how you recreate this DIY dollar tree halloween ornament wreath!! Tag me on instagram @theconfusedmillennial if you make it!

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