Instagram Tip: How to Get a photo from your computer to instagram

 Instagram tip: How do you get your photos or graphics from your computer to your phone to upload them on Instagram? There are a lot of ways to get your photo from your computer to Instagram! Something to keep in mind, is ideally you wouldn't email it to yourself since you will lose some resolution this way and your photo could end up looking grainy. Keep in mind that each of these require a few steps, nothing will magically zap a photo to your Instagram (even apps that say they are integrated with Instagram and will "post to Instagram for you" still require you to go in and copy and push a button to get it onto Instagram at the time you want to post it due to Instagram's policies.) - The Confused Millennial
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Lately I’ve been getting the same question over and over:

How do you get your photos or graphics from your computer to your phone to upload them on Instagram?

So today I wanted to share this Instagram tip with you. There are a lot of ways to get your photo from your computer to Instagram! Don’t email it to yourself since you will lose some resolution and your photo could end up looking grainy.

At this time, nothing will magically zap a photo to your Instagram directly. Many apps claiming to  “post to Instagram for you” require you to go in and push a button to get it onto Instagram at the time you want to post it due to Instagram’s policies. These options do require a couple of steps:

So how can you get your photos from your computer to Instagram?

1. Dropbox. This is great because you upload the photo to dropbox, then it’s always backed up, and if you have the Dropbox app on your phone it will automatically just be waiting there for you to share on Instagram.

2. Text it/airdrop for mac users. I have a Mac, so sometimes I will just drag and drop a photo to my iMessage and send it to myself or use the airdrop feature. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t require you to download another app on your phone.

3. Viraltag*. The other week I boasted all about Viraltag being my new favorite social media management tool and this is another reason why: I can edit and save photos from my computer or phone to it. I write the caption on my laptop, and share it to Instagram after getting a nice reminder to post at the “scheduled” time and copies the caption for me. Personally, I hate trying to type the caption on my phone for Instagram.  This is a nice triple threat in that I can easily get the image to my phone, I can type the caption on my computer, and I can schedule it!

*I fell so in love with Viraltag, that I became an affiliate for it! Using these links YOU will receive a $15 credit!

There are LOADS of other ways to go about getting a photo from your computer to your phone. Some include, Gramblr, Instapic, Later, Canva, and many more!

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What is your favorite way to transfer photos without losing resolution?


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  • Kristin Cook

    Thus far, the easiest way I’ve found is to send the photo to myself in Facebook messenger, save it to my phone from there and then post to instagram.

    • Interesting! I haven’t heard that one before! It’s a good idea!

  • Alexis

    I don’t think I could live without dropbox! It makes my life so much easier!! All these are great too, such good time savers!

  • Susannah Kellogg

    I use Hootsuite to "schedule" my instagram. Sure I have to go to my phone and confirm it but I can do all the editing/writing on my computer! <3

    • Yeah that’s a big thing for me! I hate typing long stuff in Instagram!

  • Summer Konicki

    Dropbox is my savior when it comes to transferring photos to my phone from my laptop!

    • Haha yes! Dropbox has also saved me from computer disasters! I love that it keeps everything backed up for you by default.

  • Jenny B.

    I love the air drop feature – it definitely comes in handy.

    • Seriously! Part of the reason I love my apple products is how easy it is to get switch tasks between devices!

  • Sockwun Phng

    I very recently found out how to do this, but your method’s not something I’ve heard of before even though it’s so much simpler! Thanks for sharing.

    Sockwun |

  • Laura Malone

    I usually use Canva! That way I can check that the images are a good size and edit then pick them up later

    great post!
    Laura @

    • I love Canva! But found it had some limitations if you aren’t on an Ipad or computer.

  • Lora Green

    Didn’t know that about ViralTag! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  • Jordyn Sifferman

    I always just email photos to myself and then save the photo to my phone. Dropbox is a great suggestion though!

    • I used to do that, but found that graphics I made in Canva would come out grainy that way. I liked emailing them to myself also so I had them backed up, which made Dropbox a nice solution. Hope you enjoy!

  • Shann Eva

    Awesome tips! I’ve used Latergram, but I think I’m going to transfer all my photos and save them in Dropbox. That way I won’t have to worry when I’m on a different device.

  • Michelle Mink

    I normally just email the pictures to my phone but now I’m wondering if that’s affecting how my pictures look. i have a dropbox account so i might just start using that.

    • It probably does for some and not for others. I’ve had some that still look pristine after emailing and uploading, and others look a little wonky. When you send photos via email it compresses them so they loose some resolution. Hope dropbox helps!

  • Amanda Kushner

    I use a combination of Dropbox AND iCloud Photo Stream to migrate my pictures. I find that texting it to myself usually loses a lot of quality, so I try to stick to migrating through the cloud whenever possible.
    XO Amanda |

  • Bree Hogan

    Thank you! I’m stuck in the ’email it to myself’ mode when there are much more efficient things to be doing. Love these ideas!

  • Latonya Mo

    Thanks for these tips! I had no idea, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking about. I finally considered using Dropbox yesterday so this is more of an incentive to use it.

    • DO IT! Seriously, it’s so helpful on SO many levels of your blog or business!

  • Maria Lianos-Carbone

    Sometimes I’ll save the photo and text in my email drafts and copy and paste from there.

  • Morgan Flinchum

    I just got a Mac recently and airdrop is saving my Instagram life! haha .. great suggestions!

    How 2 Wear It []

    • Haha yes! Airdrop is a game changer! Thanks for reading Morgan!

  • Aishwarya Shenolikar

    Dropbox is really useful for this. I use Google Drive sometimes. Does the work! 🙂

    • Oh smart! Google drive is such a life saver for me too!

  • Kristin Thompson

    Love these tips! I typically email the pictures to myself from my computer, but I recently started using Airdrop too!

    <a href="">The Blush Blonde</a>

  • Happy Curious Life

    I have never thought about any of these ways to transfer photos. I usually use google drive though.

  • thesophiadiaries

    Oh thanks for sharing these tips!! I’m just so old fashioned and use my gmail xD

  • Aloha Rachel . . thank you! :))

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