How To Cut Stress, Get Meaningful Rest, & Let Go Of Guilt

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I’m back, with most-of-the-time co-host and recovering people pleaser Eric Dresdale, to talk about a favorite millennial pastime: stressing out! We break down 10 Quick & Easy Ways to Cut Stress From Your Life ASAP, share our current life stressors, and answer some of your questions.

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In This Conversation We Cover:

  • National stress awareness month
  • Our favorite de-stressing hacks
  • Asking for help & being of service
  • Meditation (if you want more tips for meditation, check out episode 2!)
  • Color therapy (remember the amazing Walaa from last week’s episode?!)
  • Why April was so stressful for us
  • Structuring your downtime
  • Outsourcing
  • Getting purposeful rest
  • Managing notifications
  • What you are teaching the rest of the world
  • Feeling guilty





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The idea that it’s better to work smarter and be efficient VS running around and telling everyone you’re busy, as a badge of honor, isn’t a mainstream thought process for people today.Click To Tweet


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