The Secret to the BEST At Home Spa Night

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This post was written in collaboration with Leaders Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% mine. Thank you for supporting brands that support The Confused Millennial!

As many of you know I've been stressed beyond belief lately… which means I've been in need of some serious R&R.  One of my favorite things to do when I am stressed, is create an at home spa night!

Spa night at home starts off pretty normal… I love to get my oil diffuser going with some lavender and eucalyptus oil.




Then I light some candles while drawing a bath. I usually toss some lavender and eucalyptus salts into the bath or even just a few drops of the essential oils to really up the relaxation…


After I get out of the bath, is where I bust out my secret weapon to at home spa night: full sheet face masks! 




Seriously, one of my favorite things about going to spas is the cold towels with cucumbers, I usually spray a little eucalyptus on them and lay back in the steam and let all the deliciousness settle in!

I stumbled upon the whole sheet face mask trend after watching one too many Snap Stories by Shay Mitchell (Emily from Pretty Little Liars – is anyone else obsessed?). I have been trying to up my skin care routine to get #weddingready, but with all this stress, it's taken a serious toll on me!

I keep my sheet masks in the fridge, to recreate that whole “chilled towel” effect at a high-end spa, so when I put them on it adds a nice little extra tingle right away (and this totally helps me with headaches too!).

I am obsessing over Leaders Cosmetics face masks! Leaders Cosmetics brings you the best in Korean sheet masks by combining innovative technology with proven natural ingredients. Every formulation is developed by a group of 15 leading dermatologists – providing pure, natural and effective skincare that you can trust. Leaders empowers women to take care of themselves from the inside out with skincare products and formulations that work in just 20 minutes of “me time.” With over 75 different types of sheet masks, Leaders has a mask for everyone!  According to the brand they are the #1 seller of sheet masks in the world!

The face masks I've tried from Leaders include:

Balancing Mask from their Recovery Line — Holy Moly! I love this mask! Seriously, since turning 25 I feel like my skin has just aged! I have dark spots and bigger pores and even hormonal break outs on my chin which I never had before! This mask cleared all of that up! It was like magic! My skin was brighter and smoother than before!


Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask from their 7 Wonders Line — Another win! My pores looked smaller, and the packaging is just too cute!


Break Up with your Ex-Skin Cells from their Daily Wonders Line — I like the texture of this all cotton mask a lot! It's super soft. My skin felt tingly and refreshed while using it and it did brighten my skin up, but of the four I tried this was my least favorite, probably because it seemed the most like other sheet masks I've tried; but I would still highly recommend! It definitely will leave you looking and feeling refreshed.

Coconut Gel Mask with Blueberry from their Superfood Line — I think I was the most excited about trying the Coconut Gel sheet masks! Seriously with these babies, Leaders brings you the crème de la crème of sheet mask technology! With its advanced coconut gel technology, Leaders is revolutionizing the sheet mask industry. These sheet masks are made from coconut juice that is naturally fermented for 30 days into a gel Coconut gel containing vitamins B, C and antioxidant Anthocyanin provides nutrients to the skin. So you get the added benefit of the mask on top of the nourishment from the serum! A little different than most sheet masks since you have to take the protective film off both the back and the front. I feel like this one was such a winner because I felt like the mask really had all the good stuff absorbed into it, rather than left behind in the pouch like other sheet masks.


The other thing I love about Leader's is that they are cruelty-free. I try to (although not perfectly) only support brands that are conscious of our animals, humanity, and environment.

If I've had a rough day, or a headache, and I don't have the time or patience for a bubble bath, using a full sheet face mask from the fridge always helps me feel rejuvenated too, like I said, it's my secret weapon for an at home spa night!




Ok so after I have my bath, I usually get comfy, pat my face dry, then put on my sheet mask straight from the fridge to my face. Lay down in my dimly lit bedroom with candles, and turn on my essential oil diffuser and enjoy the 20 minutes of me time.



P.S. I typically use face masks before bed,  to make sure the good stuff seeps in deep over night!

How do you create your at home spa night?

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