How To Affordably Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Luxurious Hotels

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One of the first things I do when I arrive at a hotel is check out the bathroom.

I love how luxurious hotel bathrooms are. Everything always feels cleaner, more pristine, and I immediately feel the stress melt away as I look at the tub. I decided it was time to bring that luxurious feeling of a hotel bathroom into my own home, on a budget no less! Here are a few tips on how to affordably make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotels!

But first, some background on our current situation! So first up…

Our old apartment:

Funny story, before we knew we were moving, I wanted to revamp our bathroom in our old apartment and planned on doing this post there. It was a small space, but I was craving a spa like environment since I've been so stressed out with the construction happening over there.

If you caught this post on making your apartment feel like a home, you know we lived in a 100% furnished apartment (like we didn't even own the towels, sheets, or forks!). I needed to make small changes that I could easily switch back at the end of our lease.

I started by swapping our landlords colorful towels and bath mat for white and decided I would tuck away her drab yellow shower curtain, and go with a double shower curtain to see if it really made the room bigger (it did). I bought two shower curtains and didn't realize they were two different shower curtains (from the color to the length and width, until editing these photos! #oops). Other than the two different shower curtains, I totally recommend this look if you can't get a glass enclosed shower!

However, I would recommend creating some sort of hook for the ties in the wall so you can easily tie and untie them (and so there isn't that awkward space like between the curtain and wall like in my example below).

Moving away from my old apartment, into are new home/bathroom:

This is NOT the finished room reveal! As most of you know we literally moved in like three days ago! TBH we really won't do too much more to this room though since I really love a minimalist bathroom and think it actually creates a more luxurious and relaxing vibe.

ALSO, just a heads up, it's a little bit of a weird shape since its a super long bathroom (I stood on a sink and squatted in the tub to get these photos ?). Basically you walk into the vanity and bathtub area, then there is a semi wall on either side that goes into the toilet/shower area (see photo below).


Strip out the color.

Ditch the red, yellows, and blues and go with whites, grays, and a very light beige if you need to. You can do this for towels, bath mats, wall color, and any other accents you may have in your bathroom. Seriously, nothing says “clean and luxe” like a pristine, light and airy bathroom.

Lik Squared Photo |  Frame  |  Candle  |  Caddy  |  Book



Raise yo' hand if your sink is currently covered in hair tools, toothpaste, nail clippers, and whatever other random stuff ??!?


Don't worry, we've allllll been there! Instead of leaving everything haphazardly strewn around your sink, declutter it!

I haven't gotten these yet (because #justmoved3daysago), but I am going to opt for glass jars atop the vanity area for cotton balls and swabs and probably some white or marble ones for your hair ties (since they are dark, I want them in something that isn't clear so they don't contrast too much with the rest of the bathroom). I am also getting stackable drawers for easy access & organization of things under the sink. Just keep that baby clear and clean!


Set the mood.

Grab your favorite scented candles or wall plugins to engage your sense of smell.  Also consider swapping out your bathroom lighting. Most of us have those yellowish lights in our bathrooms which can leave things feeling drab or dull, instead go with super white or daylight lights (check out more lighting tips in this post).

Candle  |  Caddy  |  Book


Get GOOD artwork.

Ditch the college posters that say “relax” and get some quality pieces for your bathroom.

Seriously, take notice whenever you are at a spa or luxury bathroom, they always have a gorgeous serene landscape photo. That's because a) its gorgeous, b) it aides in relaxing the mind, and c) it enhances the overall feel of the room from “eh” to “oooh ?!

I fell in love with this piece from Lik Squared, which you can get for only $49 – also speaking of landscape photos, check out their categories area because they have SO many good ones!

The photo comes ready to hang but I also decided to get the frame since I wanted to make it a major focal point in the room & the frame is super cute and adds to the “clean and pristine” look I am going for!

Lik Squared Photo |  Frame


Seriously, don't you just want to drop a bath bomb and relaxxxxx staring off into that serene photo?


Lik Squared Photo |  Frame  |  Candle  |  Caddy  |  Book


What style is your bathroom? What tips do you have for decorating a bathroom?

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    1. It really does! I am such a fan of Peter LIK! Especially for the bathroom since they are acrylic prints and you don’t have to worry about the humidity factor (at least I dont think lol) like you would with a traditional painting or canvas

  1. This came at the perfect time! I am moving into a very small, old house, that we are going to work with for a couple of years so we can save to buy a new place. I need all the help I can get!!

  2. I wish I could do more with my bathroom… We have a VERY small sink so clutter is inevitable (though I try to keep it at a minimum) and our TILES are yellow. like 1 inch yellow tiles all over the floor and shower wall.. it’s BRUTAL.

    I switched to nice art, bright lights and white towels/curtain/bath mat… but the yellow just haunts me daily.

    We just renovated a bathroom in the home we own though. beautiful glass tile accents along the walls, greys, whites and a rounded shower bar (GAME CHANGER)

    Laura @

    1. AWE!! Can you bleach them? haha whyyyy does yellow haunt people?!? I swear you can’t escape it sometimes haha — have you shared the new bathroom anywhere? I would love to see it!

  3. That artwork is a great choice for an upscale bathroom look. The tip about color is a good one also.

  4. These are great tips! I’ve slowly changed over the house that my husband has had since before we got married to white everything in the bathrooms because it feels so much brighter, cleaner, and fresher!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

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