How I Grew My Traffic From Pinterest By 750%

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Ahh Pinterest.

The golden unicorn for blog traffic.

The best platform that every blogger should be on.

The avalanche of all your blogging dreams.

That code you just can't seem to crack ??‍♀️

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As many of you know, I launched TCM in March 2016. I saw a glorious spike in traffic right away, like 20k page views in the first two months… and then things plummeted. It was total beginners luck and I spent months trying to figure out how to get my page views back to that 20k, and better yet, surpass it.

I kept hearing how Pinterest was a bloggers dream. But TBH, it was my third or fourth referrer (topped by Twitter, Facebook, and Stumbleupon most months). I read every blog post under the sun, purchased books and courses about Pinterest traffic and just couldn't crack the code fully. I signed up for Boardbooster and Tailwind like all the guru's said to do. But my account was still stuck at around 2,000 pageviews a month from Pinterest while I kept hearing about others generating 20,000 or even 200,000 from it! I was frustrated and fed up.

And then I discovered this course that became the holy grail for my Pinterest account.

This course MORE THAN DOUBLED my Pinterest traffic in under a month. Seriously, look at this:

The best part? The course is SO affordable! And it's constantly being updated to reflect all of the changes Pinterest has been making from keywords, to video pins, to fresh content.

I seriously have made back the money I spent on the course in ONE DAY of ad income thanks to my increased pageviews. 

And my blog traffic didn't stop growing after that first month…

My Pinterest traffic started to explode by an average of 750%

(or something like that… I was never good at percentages so I apologize for the mis-math, but just look at the screenshots of growth!!):

Aug 2016 compared to Aug 2017:

Sept 2016 compared to Sept 2017:

Oct 2016 compared to Oct 2017:

I'm not the only one who saw success, check out my friends success too:

I kept having friends in similar boats (reading every blog post and purchasing every ebook under the sun) come to me wanting to know exactly what I was doing. I shared the course with them, and even took some of my 1-1 blog coaching clients through it and they had amazing success too: 

Katherine M. said, “My traffic in the last week and a half of implementing it has like doubled!!”

Becky B. said, “I've been following the strategies for the last month and my traffic has already tripled!”

“This is the course I have been waiting for! Everyone and their mom likes to blog about scheduling out your pins with an automated scheduler and for the life of me, I could not figure out why those strategies weren’t getting me the traffic I knew my blog deserved. After taking the course and putting in the work, my page views went from barely reaching 150/day to almost always passing the 500/day mark. Not to mention, I only have 50 posts live on the blog! Highly recommend it to blogger looking to grow on Pinterest.” – Michelle from She's Not So Basic

>>> Grab the course here! <<<

How does this course hold up over time? Well here you can see the comparison of the first month of implementing it to roughly 2 and a half years later:

So what are you waiting for?!? If growing your blog is on your to-do list this year, grab the course here!



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Originally posted on 1/11/18