How I Grew My Traffic From Pinterest By 750%

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Ahh Pinterest.

The golden unicorn for blog traffic.

The best platform that every blogger should be on.

The avalanche of all your blogging dreams.

That code you just can’t seem to crack 🤷🏻‍♀️

As many of you know, I launched TCM in March 2016. I saw a glorious spike in traffic right away, like 20k page views in the first two months… and then things plummeted. It was total beginners luck and I spent months trying to figure out how to get my page views back to that 20k, and better yet, surpass it.

I kept hearing how Pinterest was a bloggers dream. But TBH, it was my third or fourth referrer (topped by Twitter, Facebook, and Stumbleupon most months). I read every blog post under the sun, purchased books and courses about Pinterest traffic and just couldn’t crack the code fully. I signed up for Boardbooster and Tailwind like all the guru’s said to do. I manually pinned but developed carpal tunnel from all the intense small movements. It just seemed like I would never go beyond 1,000-3,000 page views per month from Pinterest.

And then I decided to stop following everyone else’s strategies exactly, and create my own by integrating all the things I’d learned and some things I realized I was intuitively doing. In a month I started seeing results, and then it all just clicked.

My Pinterest traffic started to explode by an average of 750%

(or something like that… i was never good at percentages so I apologize for the mis-math in the title, but just look at the screenshots of growth!!):

Aug 2016 compared to Aug 2017:

Sept 2016 compared to Sept 2017:

Oct 2016 compared to Oct 2017:

I kept having friends in similar boats (reading every blog post and purchasing every ebook under the sun) come to me wanting to know exactly what I was doing. I’d take clients through my practice in 1-1 sessions and STILL would get tons of questions after the fact. It became apparent really quick that I was on to something that people NEEDED and just couldn’t understand with what was already out there. Enter…

The Confused Millennial’s Guide To Pinterest!

In my course, I’ll show you the exact steps I take for Pinterest! From when I create a new post all the way to how I promote it. I’ll take you through my graphics strategy, hashtag strategy, descriptions, and how I use schedulers, Facebook groups, and of course, manually pin. We’ll also chat about my *unpopular* opinion on your Pinterest profile and sections. Since the course is new, you get some added benefits:

1) You’ll have access to all future versions of the course! As the price goes up for others with new updates, you’ll enjoy all the perks of being an early student!

2) You will have total email access with me to help shape future versions of the course! I want to hear your questions that are still lingering, your wins, and of course how things are going!

I had a few people go through the course as “beta” testers and here’s what they had to say:

“So I just finished your Pinterest course and IT. WAS. AMAZING. I literally felt like I spent 2-3 hours on a personal session with you talking all about Pinterest. You answered a ton of my questions and being able to SEE you doing it is exactly how I learn, so that was awesome. I’m actually going to go through and redoing the entire course just so it settles into my brain a little bit more! Seriously, you have so much good info in there, this course will be a hit among bloggers!” Katherine from The Weekend Fox

*Actually peep Katherine’s comment below where she shares she TRIPLED her traffic already!

“This is the course I have been waiting for! Everyone and their mom likes to blog about scheduling out your pins with an automated scheduler and for the life of me, I could not figure out why those strategies weren’t getting me the traffic I knew my blog deserved. After taking Rachel’s course and putting in the work, my page views went from barely reaching 150/day to almost always passing the 500/day mark. Not to mention, I only have 50 posts live on the blog! Rachel breaks things down step by step, in an easy to follow and digestible way. Highly recommend it to blogger looking to grow on Pinterest.” – Michelle from She’s Not So Basic

So what are you waiting for?!? If growing your blog is on your to-do list this year, grab The Confused Millennial’s Guide To Pinterest Today!

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  • This course sounds like it’ll be a great investment. I’ll have to keep it pinned so I can budget for It soon! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Hmmm! I’ve been trying to grow my Pinterest and gain from traffic from it. Definitely looking into this!

  • Katherine

    Your Pinterest stats are major #goals, and I was going to email you this, but I want to comment so everyone knows. I’ve been loosely following your Pinterest course (I’m still getting in the groove of everything, getting organized, re-doing some pins, re-watching your videos, etc.) and I’ve nearly TRIPLED my blog traffic from last week. Major win for me! So excited to continue this growth. 🙂

  • Trish

    Your Pinterest course sounds amazing! The stats you gave were really impressive! I look forward to checking into the course.

  • Wow, this looks like an awesome course! Pinterest is my top referrer right now, but mostly just because of one post that consistently brings in a lot of traffic every day. I really need to figure out how to optimize other pieces of content as well too. I’ll have to check this out!

  • This sounds like an amazing course! I need to focus on Pinterest this year.

  • I love Pinterest so much and have been taking lots of classes to learn how to use it. Now I just have to find the time 😉

  • I REALLY need to use Pinterest more. It would drive a lot of traffic back to my blog that I’ve been lacking. Plus you can find so many wonderful other blogs on there too!

  • I would love to buy this – especially since Pinterest is a site that I want to grow on more so I can increase blog traffic! That’s amazing that you were able to increase it so much!! I’ll have to chat with the hubs first though 😉

  • Basically Becca Sue

    Getting a Pinterest Strategy is my biggest blog goal of 2018. It is amazing that you had such an increase in just a year!!

  • Um. I need this in my life. I’m so ready to grow my traffic!!

  • Katrina Torrijos

    Omg I need this course in my life! I’m still trying to get my footing on Pinterest and switching my mindset from pinning pretty pictures to strategically pinning to drive traffic to my site! I’ve been a fan and following your blog for a while now! I still have yet to take one of your courses! Maybe this will be the one! 😀

  • This sounds amazing, I’ll have to save it and come back to it when I can afford it!

  • Nichole

    This seems like gold! I’d love to sign up. I feel the same way in that I’ve invested in courses to help me boost my traffic. While I see growth it’s not anything like *pow*. I’m actually receiving more traffic from Facebook vs. Pinterest. Thanks for sharing your golden strategies- I’m excited for this!

  • Kristen Jones

    Pinterest is seriously a blogger’s heaven. It has given me SO many more pageviews than I ever imagined my blog would have. The thing that I love about Pinterest is it doesn’t matter if you have 100 followers or 100K, Pinterest can and will still give you an endless amount of pageviews if ya let it work its magic!! Good luck with your course–I know it’s going to be amazing!!

  • Pinterest is huge for me! I started studying it probably about 2 years ago and have learned so much. Last month I got about 20,000 pageviews from it! Which was about 70% of my total pageviews – that’s a huge reminder to me how important Pinterest is. I still need to learn more about the best ways to promote a post or pin so it gets “picked up” on Pinterest more. I have some things that seem to work but others that don’t.

  • What amazing success you have had! Isn’t it interesting after you read nearly everything ELSE available, and then come up with your own strategy that works even better? I think I’ve done the “everything else” part so far, and really haven’t figured out how to maximize my own Pinterest account yet. Unfortunately, I can’t afford your course at this time (waiting on a paycheck from a client), but I may check into it later.

  • Girl, KILLING IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loved reading this! Totally pinning for later to reference again 🙂

  • You already know exactly how I feel about your Pinterest strategy and butttt I just had to pop in here to say it again… this course was a total game changer for my blog and my traffic. 100% worth the investment IMO 🙂

  • Robin @ And Then We Tried

    Pinterest is so where it’s at right now! Just have to make sure the queue of pins is always full

  • That’s amazing! I had to grow mine a little differently too but it’s seriously heaven when it’s working!

  • This is awesome!! I have to check it out – your Pinterest rocks!

  • Pinterest is so important! I love it for my blog!

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    I am LOVING these numbers! I’ve got to check out your course Rachel!

  • I’m totally checking this out! One of my goals for this year was to grow my blog traffic.

  • I definitely need to look into this – Pinterest overwhelms me!

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