Hiya Probiotic Review: In-depth Look at Hiya Probiotics for Kids

Hiya Probiotic Review: A Game-Changer for Your Child's Health

As a mom, I'm always on the lookout for what's best for my children's health. A trusty high-quality probiotic can be a total game-changer with supporting immune health and overall comfort. Hiya's probiotic supplement has been making waves in the world of child wellness and we noticed a quick change for the better with our kids within a week of starting it.

Quick Hiya probiotic review:

  • Clinically-researched probiotic strains with a prebiotic and probiotic formula for kids to maximize nutrient absorption, digestion, and support immune health.
  • Within 1 week my child stopped complaining of tummy aches and stool returned to normal frequency/feel.
  • Hiya Kids Probiotic is free of added sugars, artificial dyes, and gummy junk
  • Discount code TCM gets you 50% off your first month for new customers

Crafted thoughtfully and specifically for kids, Hiya probiotics present a solid option for parents seeking to bolster their little one's digestive and immune health with good gut bacteria. 

In this Hiya probiotic review, we're diving deep into what makes Hiya stand out from the crowd. You'll get the lowdown on ingredients, health benefits, how it works, and kid-friendliness. 

Hiya Kids Probiotics are more than just a wellness trend; they're created by 2 dads with a commitment to your child's growing body. So, whether it's combating tummy troubles or just a step towards a more robust immune system, we'll explore how Hiya is changing the game for kids' health.

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Unlocking the Health Benefits of Hiya Probiotics for Kids

Probiotics are like tiny superheroes for a healthy gut. Health benefits of a high-quality probiotic are often associated with helping the body digest food, balance bacteria, and support the body's natural processes.

Hiya has managed to capture that magic in their formulation using 10 billion live cultures in combination with prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber essentially feeds the good bacteria a probiotic delivers to the gut. This optimizes for digestive health, absorption, supporting a healthy immune system, and healthy poops. 

But what takes Hiya Probiotics to the next level is their commitment to child-friendly ingredients—free from nasty ingredients many families try to avoid. It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, zero added sugar or artificial dyes, and non-GMO.  

Gut health is directly related to the immune system (source). And with kids being exposed to germs at school and play dates, it's reassuring to know that the probiotics in Hiya can help their little bodies with unwanted invaders. 

Choosing the Right Probiotic Vitamin for Your Child with Hiya

When you're navigating the world of supplements for your child's health, it can feel like a daunting task to find that perfect probiotic blend that aligns with your child and their needs. Here’s what we look for:

  • No added sugar
  • No gummy junk that could get caught in the teeth
  • Prebiotic AND probiotic formula to get the largest benefits
  • No artificial dyes

Hiya checks off all of these with their probiotic formula. Their specially formulated products are designed with little ones in mind, striking the delicate balance between effectiveness and ease of use thanks to their fun packaging and chewable tablets. 

Hiya Kids Probiotics are a carefully curated blend of essential flora to support your child's digestive and immune health. Their probiotic strains also shift seasonally to ensure kids are getting what makes the most sense based on the latest science. 

This is HUGE as probiotic needs often shift over time. With that said, if your child is struggling with a diagnosed health problem, it’s best to consult your pediatrician for the probiotic strains that will support them best. 

Hiya Probiotic Ingredients

Hiya’s probiotic is comprised of a prebiotic and probiotic blend of Lactobacillus rhamnosus(GG), Lactobacillus paracasei (Lpc-37), and Bacillus lactis (Bl-04), and Larch tree fiber. 

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (GG):

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is probably one of the most popular and studied “good” bacteria strains. It’s been found to inhibit the growth of some bad bacterias and improve immune responsiveness (source). The strain has also been shown to improve the gut barrier, restore the microbiome, and help with tummy troubles or even colic in some children (source).

Lactobacillus paracasei (lpc-37): 

A strain of beneficial bacteria known to help with the common cold, breakdown of food, and absorption of nutrients. It’s also been linked to improvement in psychological and physiological markers of stress and anxiety.

Bacillus lactis (Bl-40):

A powerful “good” bacteria that’s been studied quite a bit over the years and is often used for colic, constipation, respiratory infections, and irritable bowel syndrome (source). 

Larch Tree Fiber:

Source of prebiotic dietary fiber to help feed the probiotic strains. According to one medical journal:

“Larch arabinogalactan is an excellent source of dietary fiber, and has been approved as such by the FDA. It has been shown to increase the production of short-chain fatty acids, principally butyrate and propionate, and has been shown to decrease the generation and absorption of ammonia. Evidence also indicates human consumption of larch arabinogalactan has a significant effect on enhancing beneficial gut microflora…”

It’s been known to help support healthy microflora and balance the GI tract and another study even found it can help enhance immune function.

Hiya is best known for their no added sugar or filler ingredient formulas. We love that there are no gummy additives or ingredients to get caught in kids teeth, and the kids like the taste.

At the time of writing this, inactive ingredients include xylitol and monk fruit extract as natural sweeteners. As well as beetroot, lemon juice powder, natural-plant based flavor, vegetable fatty acid, organic rice hull concentrate, organic rice bran attract, organic gum arabic, and organic sunflower oil. Click here to see the most up to date ingredient list.

Discovering Hiya’s Unique Probiotic Blend: Personal Experience

I am a big believer that when taking a supplement you should be able to see/feel a benefit in a few weeks. When we reached for Hiya’s probiotic my 2-year-old was struggling with going poop regularly. 

Our family has a history of sensitivity to new supplements. While we never had any Hiya probiotic side effects, I did decide to start my kids on half a tablet for the first week before moving up to the full tablet based on past experience with others. I think that’s a helpful tip for little kids always: slowly work your way up to a full dose. 

Within three or four days his stool started to return to normal; and after a month on it, he was back to daily poops that looked healthy and (more importantly) felt comfortable.

Hiya Taste:

Both of my kids like the taste of Hiya’s products overall. With that said, we’ve been using their supplements for close to a year now, and as to be expected with little kids during that time frame, they’ve gone through their protests (they also do this with French toast or certain ice cream flavors, so not really specific to Hiya here).

Either way this is how we handle those normal – ever-changing – taste bud preferences of little kids:

As long as the kids aren’t having tummy troubles, I don’t push it for a week or two. I find that typically in two weeks they flop back to old preferences.

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If they are experiencing tummy problems or need some immune support, I’ll crush the tablets into their orange juice. 

One of my kids also likes really tiny things, so sometimes all she needs me to do is change the shape. I’ll cut the tablet in half or quarters and she’ll enjoy it that way; while my youngest just copies whatever she does. 

I find my kids – regardless of what it is – just like to switch things up so I adjust accordingly.

How Hiya Works: New + Future Orders

When you order for the first time you can use code TCM for a discount if the 50% off doesn't automatically apply here! The first month comes with a refillable glass bottle and stickers to decorate as well as the probiotics. 

After your first order, you’ll just receive the refill pouches of Hiya Kids Daily Probiotic to transfer into the bottle that came in your original packaging. 

They ship on a pediatrician-recommended schedule every 30 days, but canceling or skipping shipments is easy with their customer service. 

More from Hiya

Aside from Hiya’s Kids daily probiotic supplement, we’ve also tested out their Kids’ Daily Multivitamin and the Hiya Bedtime Essentials supplement for sleep support.

Hiya Multivitamins reviews:

Hiya’s Kids’ Daily Multivitamin is one of the top choices for kids today. Each chewable tablet is packed with essential nutrients to meet childhood needs, support their overall health and growing bodies. We love that they aren’t full of a ton of sugar like gummy vitamins – Hiya actually has 0g of added sugar; while still delivering essential vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D and more.

You can see my full review, including comparisons to other brands and other moms' reviews of the kids vitamins here and get a discount with code TCM on your first order here.

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Hiya Bedtime Essentials:

Hiya’s Bedtime Essentials is one of our favorites! It includes choline and is melatonin free – two things that we really look for.  American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) even released a warning statement, recommending parents to consult with healthcare professionals before giving melatonin to children.

You can get a discount with code TCM on new orders here.

Transforming Kids' Health: The Hiya Probiotic Advantage

As a parent, always on the lookout for the best ways to nurture your little ones' health, I've got to tell you, the Hiya probiotic has been a real game-changer in our household. It's fascinating how the unique blend of probiotics led to such a quick and noticeable difference in my kids. 

Hiya’s Probiotics harnessed the advantage of good bacteria to support digestion, immune systems, and overall vitality for our kiddos. With Hiya Probiotics, you're not just choosing a supplement; you're embracing a healthier, happier childhood for your little ones. Isn't that what we all want for our kids?

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