8 Tips For A Happier & Healthier Summer With Your Pet

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Swiffer at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are my own.

Ohh sweet sweet summer time! Maybe it's because my birthday is the first day of summer, or just growing up in FL, I seriously love the heat- just don't let my A/C break! Something about it just makes me feel so alive! It's also no secret around here, that one of the reasons we love our new home, is for the big back yard. For years, E and I dreamt of summer nights where Tucker would run free across the sprawling grass. But with all that running free in the backyard, has led to lots of puppy paw prints, dirt, and shedding in our home! Which isn't fun for anyone, especially with a baby rolling around. So today I wanted to share how we are keeping things clean, safe, and happy for the best summer ever with our little pupper!

8 Tips For A Happier & Healthier Summer With Your Pet


New do, who dis?! As soon as the calendar turned June 1, we went and got Tucker his summer cut. We go for a puppy cut. Not only does he look adorable, it's a lot lighter for him while walking through the summer heat. NOTE: Don't shave your pet though! That'll just leave them at risk of sunburn.

Beat summer shedding

As much as I love shedding the heavier clothes for lighter summer wear, I do not love all the shedding hair! I honestly don't know who is worse with this: Tucker or me. I know it's typically pets who get a bad rep for all their shedding, but I shed just as much if not more than Tucker (maybe it's just because my hair is so much longer).

Regardless, piles of unsightly hair build up in ever corner of our home. I'm in love with how easy Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pads I got from Sam's Club make it to keep our house clean. You just snap in the dry pad, and Swiffer sweeps the floors while the pad collects all the hair. The Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pads can be used on virtually every floor type and trap and lock hair and dirt better than anything I've used before.

Keep their paws cool

I remember last summer, a friend had her pup poolside for the day and the poor little guys paws got all burnt up and needed to be bandaged to heal! Make sure your pup has somewhere cool to dip his toes in and somewhere shaded to lounge. Be mindful of how long your pet is on hot surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or even metal.

Also be careful with pouring water on your pets paws since it's a temporary solution. For instance: they suggest you don't water your grass during mid-day because it'll burn the grass or if you've ever been in a sauna and pour water over yourself, it feels great for a minute, but then you start feeling hotter quicker. The same concepts apply if you wet your dogs paws and they keep walking on a hot surface. It's a temporary solution, where you'll either need to get them to a cooler surface sooner or keep wetting their paws so they don't start burning – keep this in mind too if your pup is jumping in the pool and then hanging on the concrete!

Be mindful with walks

Try to keep mid-day walks short and shaded. Take your dog for longer walks in the early morning or in the evening to reduce their risk of overheating or burning their paws.

Reduce allergens

Those little paws may be cute, but they track in a lot!! Keep your air free from potential allergens with Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pad Refills. Their deep ridges are great at trapping and locking in debris. Just Swiffer daily to reduce any pet hair, dirt, dust or allergens that may have been tracked in by your little pooch. You can pick up Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pad Refills at Sam’s Club and samsclub.com to keep your house clean and pet mess-free this summer.

Know the signs of overheating

Dogs don't sweat like we do. Instead they pant or drink water to bring down their body temperature. Know the signs of overheating so you can make smart decisions while out with your dog:

  • Heavy panting
  • Wobbly legs
  • Dry or bright red gums
  • Thick drool
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Keep parasites away

Summer can be a breeding ground for unwanted visitors. Mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other parasites can be found everywhere! These guys unfortunately carry even worse parasites like tape or heartworms or even diseases like Lyme. Talk with your vet and follow their recommendations for keeping the parasites away.

Cuddle, love & keep an eye on!

The best part of having a dog, is the unconditional love they spread. Their pure joy about life. Make sure to enjoy all the puppy snuggles and enjoying these moments as a family! And keep an eye on your little one just like you would your kid! I had Tucker in the pool with me the other day, and he got so excited he jumped off the first step and started swimming. But then decided to try and jump out of the pool from the middle (meaning he had nowhere to kick his hind legs off of), he ended up slipping and getting dunked under from the force of his slip.

He was okay, just a little shook and I helped guide him back to the top step so he could reclaim his balance. Remember, pets need your attention when it comes to safety too! Here's a video of Paul and Joni who adopted sweet Cobb (also a little Schnauzer like Tucker!!) who they think was hit by a car and is a special needs pup now! Just try to fight back the tears when Cobb meets his new fam in this video! Just like kids need you to keep an eye on them, your pets do too!

Visit Sam’s Club and samsclub.com to stock up on Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pad Refills and keep your house clean and pet mess-free this summer.


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List Of 8 Tips For A Happier & Healthier Summer With Your Pet

  1. Grooming

  2. Beat summer shedding

  3. Keep their paws cool

  4. Be mindful with walks

  5. Reduce allergens

  6. Know the signs of overheating

  7. Keep parasites away

  8. Cuddle, love & keep an eye on!