Halloween Toddler Activity: Spatula Pumpkin Craft!

While looking for some Halloween themed painting ideas on Pinterest I discovered SO many ideas for creating pumpkin shapes using everyday household items. I decided to try them out and see if they actually worked. You can check them all out here! With that said, our Halloween Spatula Pumpkin Craft certainly wasn't the prettiest, but it was SO much fun and my toddler thoroughly enjoyed (see video below!)

For reference, my daughter a young toddler (20 months), I'll do this again with her next year and update how she does with it as an older toddler!

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Table of Contents

Below you'll find instructions for making the Halloween Spatula Pumpkin craft, tips for making it your own, and a video tutorial of my toddler enjoying this Halloween activity!

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Video Tutorial


  • Orange washable finger paint
  • Paper
  • Spatula
  • Black paint or black marker
  • Optional – green paint, brown paint, paper, googly eyes, etc. for decorating

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Halloween Toddler Activity: Spatula Pumpkin Craft!

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Step 1: Make your pumpkin form!

This is such a simple activity! Just grab some orange washable finger paint and a spatula!

You can either smoosh the spatula into the paint (see video) or paint the spatula

Either way, get paint on the spatula and press it on the paper

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Step 2: Decorate your pumpkin!

Like I said, my toddler is young so her pumpkins where just a mess haha! She had SO much fun with the spatula though.

If your toddler is older and can actually make pumpkin forms, let the pumpkins dry then decorate them!

You can use black paint or a marker to make the face (or googly eyes and paper!)

You could use green paint for the stem and leaves. Really just have fun with it!

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How long to set up and clean up:

Altogether this took about 2 minutes to set up and takes 2 minutes to clean up. I keep our paints in the kitchen so it's easy to whip them out while I'm cooking or meal prepping and keep her entertained. The washable paint comes off very easy with just a little dish soap and water from her toddler tower and the kitchen counter!

If you do this activity with your kids, I'd LOVE to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!

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Looking for an easy, fast set up, easy clean up halloween activity for your toddler or preschool aged kid? Check out this adorable Halloween Pumpkin craft using a spatula! It's a fun twist using everyday household items you probably already have!

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