How To Set Up A FAST Halloween Sensory Paint Activity For Toddlers

While I LOVE sensory bins in theory, I do NOT love how much time they take to set up. So when I was doing some Halloween painting activities with my toddler, I decided to create a fast Halloween sensory paint activity! This allows your toddler to explore different textures, objects, and colors without having to make colored pasta for sensory play or tie-dye any rice before hand! You can set this up in 5 minutes and clean it up just as quick!

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Below you'll find instructions for setting up the Halloween Mummy Activity for your kids, tips for making it your own, and a video tutorial of my toddler enjoying this Halloween activity!

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Video Tutorial


  • Washable paint
  • Halloween themed items (I used some spider cobweb, creepy cloth from the Dollar Tree, Halloween Florals, a spider, and a bone)

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How To Set Up A FAST Halloween Sensory Paint Activity For Toddlers

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Step 1: Gather supplies

All you need for this is some washable paint and Halloween themed items.

You could use mini pumpkins, spider cobweb, creepy cloth, snakes, bones, eyes, bats, or whatever!

I keep my washable finger paint in my kitchen for easy access and had all the Halloween stuff around my house so I just gathered it up. Took about 5 min to set up.

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Step 2: Play!

Just lay it all out and get to playing!

I modeled using the cloth, cob webbing, and painting the Halloween floral leaves to use as stamps for my toddler. You can see in the video she was very interested in watching and learning how I used these items and went on to mimic me with a few.

I found that having the random Halloween supplies held her attention more than ANY other Halloween painting we did this year. For reference, she was 20 months at the time we did this.

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When she goes down for a nap, I just reset it by tapping the mummy back up to the wall, and putting the felt body parts on a side table next to it (see video)

How long to set up and clean up:

Altogether this took about 5 minutes to set up and takes 5 minutes to clean up. The washable paint comes off really easy with just some water. The faster you wipe it up the easier – but I've let it sit for hours and it still comes off the counter and her toddler tower very easily.

If you do this activity with your kids, I'd LOVE to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!

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Looking for a fun halloween themed sensory play idea for your toddler with a quick set up and easy clean up? I got you covered! Check out my tips for a How To Set Up A FAST Halloween Sensory Paint Activity! It took me less than 5 minutes to set up and clean up AND held her attention more than the other "Pinterest Mommy" Halloween pumpkin painting ideas! Your kid will love exploring these Halloween items!

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