Halloween Oobleck Recipe + Activity: Witches Brewing Potion

Wondering how do you make Halloween oobleck? You're in the right place! Today I'm sharing an EASY Halloween Toddler + Preschooler Activity that's taste safe and super fun!

How do you make Halloween Oobleck?

Halloween oobleck is the same as regular oobleck, only with a fun Halloween twist by either dying the oobleck green or purple or orange – or by adding in fun Halloween themed items!

For this Halloween Oobleck recipe you'll need:

You can learn how to make oobleck here including tips for troubleshooting your oobleck if it's too watery or hard and not slimy enough!

Easy halloween oobleck recipe for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy a STEM and sensory learning activity at home with the original slime!!

How to make Halloween Oobleck Activity For Kids:

Depending on the age of your kids, you may want them to help you make the oobleck.

After the oobleck is made, all you'll do it add in the items and let your child engage in some fun sensory learning through this STEM inspired activity.

You can talk to them about how it feels, struggles when pressure is applied or released, etc. For more tips on engaging with oobleck activities click here!

How long can oobleck last?

Oobleck lasts about a day then it begins to dry out. After a few days, the cornstarch will begin to mold.

My suggestion is to play with the oobleck, let it dry out overnight, then let your child smash the oobleck to “excavate” their items.

Don't wait more than a day or two to do this though because it will start to smell!

Create a fun and easy sensory learning experience by making Halloween oobleck (aka halloween slime!) its just 2 ingredients for loads of STEM and sensory play ideas to do at home!

How do I get rid of Oobleck?

Getting rid of oobleck from counter tops and clothes is easy: just add hot water and rinse away!

If you let your oobleck dry out overnight, you'll just through the crumbled dry mix in the trash.

If you're disposing of the oobleck the same day you made it, you can still toss it in the trash, but I find it's easier to just wash it down the sink with hot water.

Is it bad to drink oobleck?

Since it's just cornstarch and water it's not technically bad to drink it; it just won't taste very good and you may need to chew parts of it at times.

Although my toddler did taste it a few times while playing with it, she had no desire to drink the slime.

Personally, I wouldn't drink oobleck or let me kids drink it.

Set up + Clean Up Time:

It takes about 5 minutes to make Halloween oobleck then about 10 minutes to clean it up depending on how messy your kid got with the Witch themed Oobleck activity.


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An easy halloween oobleck recipe and sensory learning activity for toddlers using just a couple of ingredients that you already have at home!