Halloween Mummy Activity For Kids: What’s In My Mummy? Matching Body Parts

Looking for an easy, no mess Halloween Mummy Activity for kids? You and your children will LOVE what I'm calling “What In My Mummy?” A Matching body part game for toddlers, preschoolers, and young kids learning anatomy, color theory, and working on motor skills! Even better? It takes a few minutes to set up and even less time to clean up!

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Below you'll find instructions for setting up the Halloween Mummy Activity for your kids, tips for making it your own, and a video tutorial of my toddler enjoying this Halloween activity!

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Video Tutorial


  • Felt Mummy (find at the Dollar Tree)
  • Different colored felt (this is the pack I have and LOVE, super high quality, sturdy, easy to cut)
  • Scissors

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Halloween Mummy Activity For Kids: What's In My Mummy? Matching Body Parts

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Step 1: Make your body parts

Using a high quality felt like this pack, cut out the body parts you'd like.

TIP: for younger kids, keep it simple; see mine below! For older kids, you could layer these on a bit more (think lungs, with a rib cage on top). If you layer the parts on you may need to get some velcro fastener stickies to help it stick a little better (see video).

You could also cut out the same body part in a few different colors and work on color theory with your child. For example, cut a green heart, red heart, and pink heart and ask your child to pass you the specific color.

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Step 2: Play!

Yep, it's really that simple!

The felt naturally sticks to the Dollar Tree mummy form. I set the mummy up (see photo above) and then brought my toddler over. She immediately took the body parts off and I just worked with her on the names and colors (see video).

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“What's In My Mummy?” Matching Body Parts Game in action:

As you may have seen in the video, my toddler was OBSESSED with this. She has literally played with it every day for over a week. Brings it around the house with her and just thinks it's the best thing EVER!

She has so much fun dressing the mummy up, and see what else will stick to it that I can't recommend this activity enough right now. It's SO simple and SO low mess!

When she goes down for a nap, I just reset it by tapping the mummy back up to the wall, and putting the felt body parts on a side table next to it (see video)

How long to set up and clean up:

Altogether this took about 5 minutes to set up and takes 2 seconds to clean up.

If you do this activity with your kids, I'd LOVE to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!

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Looking for a no mess Halloween mummy activity for your toddler or preschool aged kids? Check out my " What's In My Mummy?" Matching Body Parts Game! It's a great lesson in anatomy, color theory, and motor skills for kids of all ages! It takes just a few minutes to set up the first time at home! It's the perfect Halloween activity to do this year!

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