Halloween Matching Game – Free Printable for Toddlers + Preschool Kids

I'm THRILLED to share this Halloween Matching game! Memory and matching games are kind of my jam (I still play memory games online to this day!) PLUS they are amazing for kids! In this post, I'll give you tips for using it with your toddlers, preschoolers, and even school aged kids! If I'm honest, my husband and I have played this almost every night by ourselves since I made it!

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Table of Contents

Below you'll find instructions for the the PDF free printable matching card game plus tips for various tips to use the cards – particularly if you have a toddler versus a preschool kid who may not be ready for a memory matching game yet!

This free printable matching card set has halloween cards AND fall cards complete with pumpkins and leaves and all the fall vibes! There are 36 cards currently in the game (though I may update it with more!) including fall themes like leaves and pumpkins; some Halloween themed but also everyday items, like a broom, the moon, cat, spider, bat and a hat; as well as some straight up Halloween treats like a friendly mummy, witch, and cauldron, etc.

Video Tutorial


  • Matching Card Print Outs (download below!)
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock or construction paper or printer paper (see note below)
  • Non transparent paper backing (if using printer paper)
  • Contact paper (optional)

Instructions for getting started:

Download the PDF Halloween matching game from the form below! It's actually part of a 21+ page e-book complete with coloring pages and even some Halloween DIY craft stencils for a “Hey Boo” Banner and paper bats!

For the matching card pages, you may want to print on a thick cardstock or poster paper so you can't see through the page.

If you use regular poster paper, I'd suggest adding a “backing” to it (see video) of butcher paper, construction paper, poster paper, or something else you can't see through!

Once printed, just cut them out and use!

TIP: If you want to make these last longer, you can “laminate” them with contact paper from the Dollar Tree (see video).

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Tips for using matching cards with toddlers:

My daughter is only 20 months, so she was not about to see 36 matching cards laid out, turned over, and get to matching!

Nope, for her I decided to approach this a little differently.

First, the free matching cards have the WORD printed on the card as well. This way I can hold it alongside my mouth and work on her speech development (see video).

Second, I started with maybe 3 pairs (6 cards) and had 3 unique ones facing UP as I held the matching pair. I'd then hold it to my mouth, teaching her the word, and ask her to match it with one that was facing up. You can continue adding onto the deck this way and add more to the mix as your toddler gets better with it.

Third, if you have physical objects of any of the items (i.e. a mini pumpkin) you can lay the items out WITH the cards and have them match the physical item to the paper card! We have a toy like this from this play kit and my daughter mastered is at 15 or 16 months, so this can be a fun way to engage your toddler's concentration longer if the paper cards aren't holding their attention quite yet.

Fourth, as far as traditional matching games go (flipped upside down to make it a memory game), start with just 2-3 pairs. As your kid gets older and learns the concept of a memory game you can build on this.

Which leads me to…

How to play Halloween Matching Memory Games (traditionally)

  1. Turn all the cards over so the preschool kids can't see what the picture on the card is
  2. Have kids take turns flipping over a pair. If a child matches a pair, they get to go again.
  3. When a child flips over the card, ask them to say the word/identify the object out loud or use it in a sentence.
  4. Whoever has the most matches wins!

This printable matching game is sure to be a hit! Like I said, my husband and I play it almost every night now! If you do print out the Halloween matching cards I'd LOVE to see you using them with your kids! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!

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Halloween Matching Game print out:


free printable halloween matching game for toddlers and for kids preschool aged and up! This Halloween Memory Match Game is perfect for families, for preschoolers, and even classroom parties. Cards include witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and more. Plus tips for using with young toddler on language development or who may not be ready for a halloween memory game quite yet!  #halloweengames #halloweenactivities #halloweenactivity

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