Halloween Fingerprint Art: Easy + Free Halloween Craft For Kids

If you want to create a memorable keepsake this Halloween season, or a spooky teacher gift for the classroom, might I suggest Halloween fingerprint art! It's an easy and free Halloween craft for kids that is absolutely adorable and fun!

halloween fingerprint art

Halloween Fingerprint Art Ideas:

There are a few ways to go about this, just choose your favorite to get started or make one each year as your child grows!


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What kind of paint to use for finger print art?

In most cases, acrylic paint is going to be best for fingerprint art due to the more “permanent” nature of it compared to kids washable paint. However, the type of paint largely depends on the type of art you decide to create.

Later in this post I talk about a few art ideas. If you opt for 3D art like the pumpkins or rocks, then acrylic paint is 100% the way to go. However if you opt for flashcards, a card, or wall art you may choose to do washable paint or watercolor paint.

NOTE: If you do watercolor paint, you want just enough water that the paint will be soft, but not a liquid pool, so you can really get a nice fingerprint. I find this is actually one of my favorite ways because it feels like a “stamp pad” almost.


Click here to grab the Halloween Activity Sheet Bundle complete with over 27 more activities for toddlers + preschoolers!

Finger prints:

You can turn your child's finger print into SO many spook-tacular things! Here's a little ABC Halloween Fingerprint list to get you started:

  • A is for apple or alien
  • B is for bat
  • C is for cat or candy or cauldron
  • D is for dark, dead, or devil
  • E is for eyeballs
  • F is for fairy or frankenstein
  • G is for ghost or gravestone
  • H is for headstone or hat
  • I is for insect
  • J is for jack-o-lantern
  • K is for kitty cat or king
  • L is for lollipop
  • M is for moon, mummy, or monster
  • N is for nails or ninja
  • O is for ogre or owl
  • P is for pirate, princess, potion, or pumpkin
  • Q is for queen
  • R is for robot or raven
  • S is for skull, scarecrow, spider, spider web, or sweets
  • T is for tombstone, treat, troll, or tarantula
  • U is for unicorn
  • V is for vampire
  • W is for witch, werewolf, or warlock
  • X is for extraterrestrial (sorry it's not perfect)
  • Z is for zombie

Art ideas:

With your finger prints in mind you can choose 1 or 2 of thumb to use in a specific art of use them all! Here are some ideas to bring them to life:

  • ABC Fingerprint flashcards
  • DIY Halloween alphabet poster

For the above, you'd use the list above to make each letter into a Halloween themed word. I did that for these alphabet posters, and for flashcards you would just do one per card:

  • In a card: For instance, have your child color some green then do orange fingerprints on a “pumpkin patch”
  • Wall art: Similar to the card, color a scene, then use the fingerprints to bring it to life! I love the idea of a dark night and all the monsters and dress up ideas out trick or treating!

  • On rocks by your front door for spooky DIY outdoor Halloween decorations!
  • Pumpkins: This is my favorite (and what we did in 2023) by painting some pumpkins, then putting a white dot as a primer for my child's fingerprint. Once it was dry, I used a black permanent marker to color in the face. I also used regular brown and green markers for the jack-o-lantern stem and outlined those in permanent markers.

Watch a video tutorial of the fingerprint pumpkin monsters here:

I did it as part of my Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Decorations for 2023 and they were a huge hit!

In the case of all these Halloween finger print art ideas, you'll need markers to put the finishing touches on bringing your fingerprint to life.

Depending on the age of your child, you can make this easier or harder by having them color in the Halloween fingerprint art or painting it on.

I hope you can see just how many different Halloween finger print art things you can make this Halloween season for free! Have a blast making these, and tag me @theconfusedmom if you do! I'd love to see it!