Halloween DIY Spooky Vase / Candy Bowl – Dollar Tree Hack!

dollar tree halloween diy spooky vase from bowls

I LOVE this dollar tree DIY Halloween hack because it's not only easy and affordable, but you can use it once Halloween is over! It's the perfect spooky vase, serving bowl, or creepy candy bowl! You can even use it for your house plants! Once Halloween has passed you can reuse it exactly as is or you can recoat the top layer in your preferred color to continue using it as kitchenware or house decor all year long!

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Watch the step-by-step tutorial in the video! There are some more details and notes about this dollar tree hack in the post below too in case you mess up!

Supplies for your spooky vase or creepy candy bowl!

Dollar Tree Halloween Decor Supplies for a spooky vase, halloween decor hacks, diy halloween decorations

Step 1: Get your base color

If your Dollar Tree has black bowls, grab those! Mine didn't at the time I did this so instead I got these basic ones that had the shape I wanted.

While in the store, make sure to sit your bowls on top of one another and choose a set that lines up nicely. Otherwise you'll end up with a lip like mine:

If your bowls are not black, start by spray painting them black. This doesn't need to be perfect, just a quick base.

Step 2: Stone spray

Next we're going to use a stone textured spray paint. You can get it here or at your local hardware store or here. I thought it'd be perfect to had a festive texture and more finished look.

Apply your stone spray. Shake well, go slow. It's kind of goopey so don't over do it.

3 choices for applying the stone spray paint:

  1. You can just do the bottom half of your sculpture first, let that dry, then flip and do the other, using a pretty close range or
  2. You can cover the open part of your vase with a piece of cardboard, holding firmly in place so none of the stone spray gets into the open bowl (see video)
  3. You can choose which side you want your bottom to be, and place that side up (facing the sky) while you apply the stone and the next layer of spray paint. This way if anything gets into the bowl, it won't matter since that's going to be hidden/not used.

Step 3: Apply your top coat

Once your stone layer is dry, top it off with a coat of black spray paint. I used a glossy spray paint I already had and it was the perfect finish for our Halloween Decor!

Because of the stone it wasn't as glossy as it typically comes out if you do it to like a plastic skull – but it's a nice finish. If you want a high gloss finish, you may want to add another coat later. I don't know for sure how that would come out but I think it'd make it glossier.

Okay so with that you should be done!

Mistakes/things to know…

I messed mine up a little bit – which ended up being a happy accident because I really liked it – but I just want to give you some tips from the experience!

So I was being REALLY impatient with this and applied my top coat while the stone coat was still wet. Then I flipped it before it dried so I ended up with this crazy lip. I ended up just taking a paintbrush to flatten it out, which exposed the white from the stone coat. It ended up being a happy accident that I really like… it created this melty-candle wax dust finish.

If you do mess it up and don't like how it looks, just apply more black spray paint OR you can cover it with some cobwebs.

I'd LOVE to see how you recreate this! Tag me on instagram @theconfusedmillennial if you make a spooky vase or creepy candy bowl using this dollar tree halloween decor hack!

Save for later:

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