Halloween Activity For Toddlers Learning Colors: Feed The Monsters!

Looking for a fun Halloween activity for toddlers learning colors? Feed The Monster's teaches color matching while providing a ton of fun!

This Halloween Activity begins with an easy montessori glue box Halloween craft: Making Monsters!


Prepping Your Monsters For Feeding

If you already made your monsters using this instructions from this post then you're ready to-go! If you haven't, go back and read the post to make your monsters!

But basically you'll just take colored construction paper, Halloween arts and craft supplies, and brown paper lunch bags to craft Halloween monsters.

You'll want to cut a hole in the construction paper before decorating. Then a larger hole in the brown paper lunch bag. You'll tape, staple, or glue your completed monster to the face of the lunch bag. so that the holes line up (the paper bag hole can be larger) and create the monster's “mouth.”

An easy halloween craft and activity: feed the monsters! Great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids!

Setting Up This Halloween Learning Activity For Toddlers:

Once your monster face is affixed to the bag, you'll open them upright and set them out with a bowl of pompoms.

IMPORTANT: The pompoms should match the color of your monsters.

For instance: If you have a red, green, and yellow monster (based on your construction paper), then you'll want a bowl of red, green, and yellow pompoms.

For this toddler Halloween activity, you'll give them the bowl of colored pom poms and have them “feed the monster” by matching the colored pompom to the corresponding colored monster.

Looking for a fun Halloween activity for toddlers learning colors? Feed The Monster's teaches color matching while providing a ton of fun!

Clean Up:

When your toddler is done with this activity, they can put the pompom back in the bowl, fold the monster's up, and reset it on their montessori shelf for playing later on!

How My Toddler Enjoyed This Halloween Activity:

She had SO much fun with it! She literally wanted to feed her monsters every morning before school and evening after school. They basically were like her real life tamagotchis! She happily set them up every day and did not want to put them away before bed each night!

Feed the Monsters is an easy Halloween craft and activity for toddlers to learn colors and engage in some montessori at home fun!
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One of the best Halloween activities and crafts for toddlers: Feed the monsters! Working fine motor skills, learning colors, and more!