How To Grow Your Email List With 3 Creative Lead Generators

If you are a blogger or business owner, you've probably heard this before: you need to be growing your email list. Most entrepreneurs say the #1 thing they wish they started doing sooner, is growing their list for email marketing.

For about a year, I grew my email list using a basic subscription box in my blog's sidebar and an opt-in box on the homepage. Overtime, I added content upgrades to the bottom of my posts (after reading a post, it's the clickable link where people can enter their email to download a worksheet or checklist that adds even more value to a blog post). But the truth is, my list grew slow and steady, until it became totally stagnant. 

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Then I found Interact! They offer a quiz making service to grow your email list. If you've ever gone down a Buzzfeed quiz rabbit hole, you know just how valuable this can be to your brand.

It's been over three years now and it's been a game changer! In the first month, I grew my list by 25%. In three years, with absolutely no promotion of the quiz on my end (it just sits on my start here page), it's grown my list by 60%! 

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3 Creative Lead Generators For Growing Your Email List:

*You can use Interact for all of these options:

1) Personality Quiz

This is the one I've been using. Basically you create “personality” quizzes and people enter their email address to get their results. In my case, my quiz is “What Type Of Millennial Are You?” – but you can do this for anything (you know we've all taken those quizzes on what our Pizza toppings say about us  ? ). People love to learn about themselves or figure out what things can mean.

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2) Giveaway Opt In

Pretty simple, you create a giveaway and ask for people's email addresses in order to enter the giveaway. It comes complete with a countdown.

3) Assessments

Test your audience's knowledge on a specific topic! This is helpful if you have a niche specific product or blog. You can start the conversation between you and your target audience or direct them to areas of your site to find their answers. This is also helpful if are selling something and want to use it as a sales funnel.

Or you can do a scored quiz just for fun! Things like “How well do you know the 90s?” And different scores get different results! You can have a lot of fun with assessments and scored quizzes when you flex a little creativity! 

Check out the personality quiz I set up:

The ways to use these options to grow your email list are endless! You can use them on Instagram in a swipe up, Pinterest, in Facebook ads and sooo many other ways to grow your email list! It's been a total game changer for my brand's growth.

>>> Start making quizzes here! Use code LEAPYEAR for 29% through 2/29/2020<<<

They also provide you with a step by step post for setting up your first quiz. TBH the most difficult part about getting started is just choosing what your topic will be and what the results are! My intern and I spent days trying to figure this out (we were really nervous people would think our quiz was dumb or be judged haha).

The only downside for Interact is that they aren't integrated with Mailerlite yet (and you all know I think Mailerlite is the best email marketing provider for bloggers & small business owners!)

How do you grow your list?


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Originally published on 4/2/18; Updated on 2/3/2020

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  1. you have given me some great ideas! now i just have to figure out which is best for my audience. Cant hurt to try!

  2. Patty Gordon (Resting Mom Face

    It’s amazing how many ways there are to exchange an email address to something fun or helpful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Great ideas! Saving this for my blog, and the business I work for part-time! Thanks for sharing. Pinning!

  4. i fought starting an email list for the longest time but began one a little over a year ago. it’s been a slow and stagnant climb so i really appreciate the tips…thank you and yay for the puppy!!

  5. Collectively Bee

    I’ve been actively trying to grow my list and this is a great resource for that! I’ll definitely have to check it out!

  6. Babies to Bookworms

    I need to a start working on my list! I love the quiz idea and now I will be thinking about a topic all day!

  7. Kristine Circenis

    This post is coming to me at a perfect time! I’m trying to grow my email list after using Mailerlite (per your recommendation) to set it up. Thanks for all of your help, Rachel!

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