How To Grow Your Email List With 3 Creative Lead Generators

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If you are a blogger or business owner, you’ve probably heard this before: you need to be growing your email list. Most entrepreneurs say the #1 thing they wish they started doing sooner, is growing their list.

For about a year, I grew my email list using the traditional subscription box in the side bar and on the home page to start. Overtime, I added content upgrades to the bottom of my posts (after reading a post, it’s the clickable link where people can enter their email to download a worksheet or checklist that elevates the blog post).

But the truth is, my list grew slow and steady, until it became totally stagnant. When Interact reached out to me to try their quiz making service to grow my list, I immediately exclaimed “YES!” I love taking those “Buzzfeed” style quizzes and was hopeful that my readers would too!

And guess what… it’s working! I’ve only made one quiz so far, and only shared it on Facebook and Twitter once (it just sits on my “start here” page and tucked into my “resources” tab, and even though I’ve barely promoted it at all (because #moving and #wegotapuppy!), my list has grown by almost 25% in just over a month!

3 Creative Lead Generators For Growing Your Email List:

*You can use Interact for all of these options:

1) Personality Quiz

This is the one I’ve been using. Basically you create “personality” quizzes and people enter their email address to get their results. In my case, my quiz is “What Type Of Millennial Are You?” – but you can do this for anything (you know we’ve all taken those quizzes on what our Pizza toppings say about us  ? ). People love to learn about themselves or figure out what things can mean.

2) Giveaway Opt In

Pretty simple, you create a giveaway and ask for people’s email addresses in order to enter the giveaway. It comes complete with a countdown.

3) Assessments

Test your audiences knowledge on a specific topic! This is helpful if you have a niche specific product or blog. You can start the conversation between you and your target audience or direct them to areas of your site to find their answers. This is also helpful if are selling something and want to use it as a sales funnel.

Check out the personality quiz I set up:

The ways to use these options to grow your email list are endless! Interact has an awesome post on how to generate leads on Instagram with quizzes plus plenty of tips for creating a quiz that converts to leads!

They also provide you with a step by step post for setting up your first quiz. TBH the most difficult part about getting started is just choosing what your topic will be and what the results are! My intern and I spent days trying to figure this out (we were really nervous people would think our quiz was dumb or be judged haha).

The only downside for Interact is that they aren’t integrated with Mailerlite yet (and you all know I think Mailerlite is the best email marketing provider for bloggers & small business owners!)

How do you grow your list?


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I was given a free subscription to Interact. All opinions, thoughts, and experiences are my own.

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