Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed

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Looking for the best gifts ideas for self care obsessed millennial women?

Sharing loads of great gifts for spiritual women for every price point below!

Gift ideas with multiple price points:


I get all of my crystals from this shop. They are high quality and powerful! It's super easy to navigate, you can get loose crystals, choose based off intention, kits for energy practices, jewelry, bath and body options, and sooo much more! Another reason I love them, is their focus on education (things like how to cleanse and charge your crystals).

To narrow it down for you if you feel totally in the dark (but really, you can't go wrong with ANYTHING from their site!):

Shungite for your cell phone is a fantastic choice if you don't know where to start! Shungite is one of the best neutralizers for the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) and is really something we should all be placing on our phone, or on our desk.

– Wealth & Prosperity bracelets. My husband has these bracelets (come in a pack of two or three depending on your price point) and he loves them. Always gets compliments.

Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are a perfect gift! They come in tons of shapes and sizes and are always pretty! Many love them for their calming effect, but some believe they can help balance electromagnetic fields too!


Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed Gifts For Under $10

Zodiac Catch-All Dish

A Zodiac Catch-All Dish is the perfect place for your millennial to put her rings and little trinkets on her bedside table, in the bathroom, or next to the kitchen sink. They are so beautiful too! This one is even cuter IMO, but it's under $20.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein is one of the best selling books on Amazon in the spirituality realm. Perfect for the person looking to transform their fears, raise their vibration, and release anxiety.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed Gifts For Under $10

Cleansing energy tools

Technically each of these items are under $10 and can be given on their own. You can also combine them to create a cost effective gift box for a few people.

Smudge Sticks are perfect for every spiritual person. They can never have enough and are used to cleanse energy! These are also a great cost effective solution if you're making your own little gift box for a few people since you can get it and a pack of palo santo wood sticks (used for healing and boosting joy). Other things to include under $10 in your gift box: a selenite crystal (prices vary based off size and shape) and you can pick up a bushel of eucalyptus or a bouquet of roses and tie a spring or few petals to the sage or palo santo.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed Gifts For Under $25

Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed Gifts For Under $25

The Angel Numbers Book: How to Understand the Messages Your Spirit Guides Are Sending

The Angel Numbers book by Mystic Michaela is a fantastic option for the numerology obsessed! Or the person who keeps telling you they see 11:11 everywhere and to make a wish! It's a short explanation on angel numbers from 1 to 999 with a little spot in the back for notes!

The book itself has a really nice feel to it and would make a great coffee table book as well!

Velvet Zodiac Journal

A Velvet Zodiac Journal is the perfect place for your modern day witch to put all of her dreams, energy interpretations, and intentions.

Dead Sea Salts

Herbivore Dead Sea Salts are my absolute fave! Like I said, a millennial women obsessed with self care is still going to love a nice bath… but one who is into spirituality will also understand the cleansing power of sea salts on our energy field! She'll love to soak in a bath with these while doing her full moon intention setting journaling!

Tea leaf cup & book

This tea leaf cup + book will help your spirit junkie learn to read tea leaves with this gift set! It comes with a cup and book that will have them mastering the art of tassology!

Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek

Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek is a must read for the modern millennial women!! Shaman Durek is not only a close friend of mine, but is easily one of the most popular Shamans. The forward of the book is written by Dave Asprey and some of his clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina Dobrev! In his book, he teaches readers how to use shamanic tools to shift their energy and truly manifest their best life.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

This deck is one of my favorites. Super blunt and to the point. Technically it's $1 over $25.

This tarot desk is a fun modern, earthy, and artsy twist on the traditional tarot. I've never met someone who didn't enjoy this deck.

This oracle deck is absolutely gorgeous! So ethereal, light, and beautiful!

Astrological Cookbook

This astrology cookbook is broken down by zodiac sign! Perfect for the astrology junkie in your life! They can even prep their meals based off what sign the moon is in!

Jade / Quartz Facial Roller

This combo jade and rose quartz facial roller duo is amazing! Facial rolling improve blood circulation and collagen production, reduce puffiness, detoxes and helps with lymphatic drainage, and so much more! Green jade helps bring in the energy of balance and emotional well-being. Rose quartz also brings in a calming and self love energy. The green jade roller is great for room temperature use (think rolling on oils before bed). The rose quartz roller is great kept in the fridge and used first thing in the morning (associated more with the appearance of wrinkle reduction).

The Kindness Workbook: An Interactive Guide for Creating Compassion in Yourself and the World

The Kindness Workbook by Robin Raven is a wonderful option for those looking to cultivate more positivity in their life or who follow the law of attraction and manifesting since that's all about increasing your vibration to attract more goodness!

NOTE: While the journal prompts are great, the book is a little tough to write in.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed For Under $50 (most around $30!)

Zodiac Sweatshirt

A Zodiac Sweatshirt with super cute detailing of the sign on the front, and then a trendy list of characteristics on the back is a surefire way to ensure coziness and self expression.

Solstice Candle And Room Spray Gift Set

Solstice Candle And Room Spray Gift Set is absolutely gorgeousssss! Seriously, they did an amazing job with this, so elegant. It smells fabulous too! With Christmas being right around the winter solstice, it's a great little set for shifting with the season too!

Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed For Under $50 (most around $30!)

Juniper Ridge Gift Set

Juniper Ridge Gift Set comes in four different scents to choose from, each comes with a body wash, essential oil, and incense. This is great if your person isn't full blown into crystals and solstice rituals, but loves essential oils. It's super pretty too!

Cleansing Bundle

If you don't want to curate your own little cleansing bundle, this cleansing bundle is the perfect done for your solution! It comes in two options. Both options include selenite, sage, and palo santo. Then you can choose whether the bundle includes rose petals and a pink fabric, or sweetgrass and a yellow fabric. Burning rose petals encourages peace and love and burning sweetgrass encourages positivity and strengthening the physical body.

Cleansing bundles like this make great gifts anytime (seriously, we sage and palo santo just because in our house!); but they also make particularly great gifts after a move, breakup, or any sort of large shift. They're used to help speed up the clearing of old energy, healing, and moving on.

Moon Juice Dusts

Moon Juice Dusts come in loadsss of options from Brain dust, Spirit dust, Beauty dust, Sex dust, oh my!! They have got a dust to support whatever goals the millennial women in your life are thinking of! The dusts are a blend adaptogenic super herbs and super mushrooms to help reduce the effects of stress to improve all kinds of issues: skin, mood, energy, sleep, and digestion. She'll definitely be grateful for it under the tree!

Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed For Under $100

Zodiac Pendant Necklace

A Zodiac Pendant Necklace is the perfect way for your millennial woman to show off who she is with style! She's sure to get compliment and have an extra pep in her step while wearing it!

Massage Heating Mat

A Massage Heating Mat is probably one of the most genius creations!! Choose from five different massaging styles across the 10 massage motors. Who wouldn't want to lay down on a warm massage mat after a long day?

Ultimate Gift Guide For Millennial Women: Self Care & Spirituality Obsessed For Under $100

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are fantastic gift! They've been trending for like a year since loads of people say they help boost feel good hormones and reduce anxiety. They are like laying under a delightful hug. I love watching tv after a stressful day under mine!

Heal Your Ancestors Course

The Heal Your Ancestors Course is a fantastic gift for the millennial women who may be struggling during the holidays with family. I took it and it was such a gift in connecting to spirit guides, diving deeper into family, and healing some ancestral traumas. Bonus points for a truly unique and thoughtful gift too!


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Originally published 11/25/19