{FREE Printable} Winter Memory Matching Card Game

Looking for a free holiday matching card printable? I've got you covered! Your kids will love playing this winter themed memory matching card game!

Once you print out the PDF and make the cards it only takes a minute to set up and clean up! It's the perfect holiday game for the entire family and a great way to introduce new concepts around Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter to your baby or toddler!

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Winter Theme Matching Card Game

My daughter LOVES matching cards so I made a winter themed set that you can download and print here:

There's cards for general winter (animals, foliage, clothes), and the holidays (Christmas memory cards and Hanukkah ones too!) – plus printables for home decor and Christmas crafting!

I suggest printing the winter themed matching cards on cardstock so they aren't see through and are a bit sturdier. I just got this pack of cardstock and love it!

If you do print on regular paper, I suggest adding a backing of some sort. I've done this with a little construction paper and a glue stick with great success! Then I just laminate it using contact paper from the Dollar Tree so they aren't see through and are a bit more durable and last longer.

How to play with matching cards for all ages:

For 1 year olds, you can have them sort the cards face up. Starting with just 2-3 sets until the understand the concept. See video above for an example of this!

For toddlers age 2-3 or up, you can start to have the cards blank side up and work on actual memory matching. Personally, my husband and I play with these every night and have so much fun! So it's a great holiday activity for the whole family!

And for toddlers of all ages, it's always fun to have a real life version of the items on the cards, and have them match the physical item with the card. For example, take out a pair of your toddlers socks, boots, and mittens then lay out those cards and have them match the real life item to the card. My daughter LOVES doing this and we'll even turn it into a scavenger hunt around the house.

If you try print the winter memory cards out to use with your kids I'd love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!

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