Ask Rachel: How to Overcome those “First Post” Jitters as a New Blogger

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Today's WBW Post was originally published on 5/3/16. 

WOOHOO! Got the first “Ask Rachel…” Question! I am (HOPING!) to make a weekly feature of “Ask Rachel…” where I answer reader's questions (on ANY topic!) and give some advice (FO' FREE!). Submit your questions here!

Alright, let's jump into it!

I am a struggling twenty-something working on starting my own lifestyle/life fails blog. Do you have any advice for me as a launch into this new endeavor? I have written some practice posts to get those”first post” jitters and to be sure that it is something I actually want to take on. I am currently working on design layout, etc. but am very nervous to officially “launch.” 

I'd love any advice, encouragement, etc that you have for me.
Thank you!

Ahh thank you for the question! I can totally relate to being at that point of “Is this something I actually want to take on” when I first started blogging.

Some back story for you: I have been blogging on and off since high school (What up LiveJournal days! Who else remembers those?? Drop me a comment!). I would go through spurts where I posted multiple times a day to not at all. I've had a public blog, a private blog, and an anonymous blog over the years. I have constantly struggled with this pressure I put on myself to create the “perfect post” or “perfect content schedule” … I would obsess for hours over what other bloggers were doing and constantly compare myself…

…Which reminds me of episode 4 in Girls season 5 where Jessa tells Hannah she spends too much time reading articles and content on-line that it's actually made her stupid and is the culprit of her writer's block…


As bitchy as Jessa was in this scene, there's some serious truth to it… I digress…

I actually put so much pressure on myself that I stopped enjoying it and would ultimately stop writing.

So the first point of advice: Limit how much content you are consuming on-line!

Seriously this is so important, I found that if I spend hours reading other people's work, I lose my voice completely. I do like to read 3 bloggers regularly for inspiration, education, and fun, but any more than that I have found to actually be harmful.

Which leads me to my next question/piece of advice: Why are you blogging? What is your blog's mission? 

Write that shit down! Seriously, WRITE IT DOWN. Cherish this. Never lose this. As your blog grows you will have challenges that may pull you away from your original mission or purpose, so stay connected to your “Why” – as in “why you are starting this adventure”. Click here for more tips on how to write a mission statement.

Whether you're blogging for money, fame, or fun – just remember to let go of the fear.

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Seriously, let it go. In the blogging world, they say that your first “hate” comment or e-mail means you've made it. So really the only thing to feel “concerned” about is apathy… but at the end of the day, if you are clear and focused in your blog's mission, it will connect with someone (because emotions are universal, and nobody is so unique that they don't have a tribe out there).

3 Big mistakes I see with new bloggers include (there's more I just won't get into all of them in this post):

  • They filter. They filter their thoughts and words so much that we never really get to know them or their personality.
  • They try to please everybody and end up connecting with nobody.
  • They have a really ugly/crowded layout that makes it impossible to stay on their site or finish an article.
  • They are afraid to self-promote (because people need to know you are out there!).

Ready to kick your blogging up a notch?

Grab the goal setting guide to reach all of your blogging goals!


I hope that helps!

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99 thoughts on “Ask Rachel: How to Overcome those “First Post” Jitters as a New Blogger”

  1. LiveJournal! I totally forgot about that! It was my jam…
    I had never thought about over-consuming content. It’s a brilliant (and so simple!) reminder to cut back and focus on your own voice and purpose.
    (If I could add an emoji right now, I would give you multiple thumbs ups)

    1. Haha I still go back to LiveJournal and read my old posts sometimes haha.

      Thanks girl! Love your blog! You have your voice nailed and it’s such a good source for those days I feel like I am the only one who just cant adult.

  2. This was extremely helpful- you hit the nail on the head. I found myself filtering my thoughts, worrying too much about layout and reading so much online content that I felt mine could not compare. I’m ready to just make it happen.

  3. This is great advice! I remember how incredibly nervous I was the first time I hit "publish." I just signed up for the goal setting guide and it looks quite helpful! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Lori Lyons Luhrman

    This is great advice for the beginning blogger! I can’t believe it’s only been eight months since I pressed "publish" for the first time! I can definitely get on-board with not getting too bogged down with online content. I’ve found that it really drags me down when I get into too many blog courses, webinars, Twitter chats, etc. Just be you and focus on your mission. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Totally agree Lori! One of the most liberating feelings is unsubscribing or hiding groups and promotional products from my feed or inbox when I feel overwhelmed!

  5. Happy Curious Life

    Great tips for launching a blog! I remember when I started out, I was so nervous and thought that there was no way that I could come up with consistent content. Actually, last moth, I got a little discouraged, but reminding myself why I wanted to start the blog really helped. And now this is something that I remind myself any time I sit down to write a post

  6. These are great tips! I often catch myself thinking of “better ways to say something” but then I realize, that’s not me and I correct it. I think that’s what makes blogging so awesome! You get to share your personality with the world!


    Haha! Livejournal days… I used to have Xanga – back when it was a personal blog. Great advice on not filtering – I think many new bloggers are worried that what they post will be forever out there. For the most part I guess that’s partially correct, but as a website controller you can always edit or delete or hide posts in the future if you decide what you wrote today is unfitting.

  8. Such helpful advice! I totally agree with consuming less content. I love reading other blogs but it’s so easy to fall into comparing yourself, better just to avoid it all together. Another piece of advice that I heard is that no one cares about your first post as much as you do. The more important thing is that you’re doing it and doing it consistently. Your voice will follow.

  9. This is a great post! You are so write about sometimes spending too much time reading other peoples blogs! I find myself doing it sometimes

  10. This was excellent – when I first started blogging, I was so timid! It was like I had this weird “polite” veil on all my writing. Then I decided effff thatttt and started writing how I speak – really letting myself shine through my writing was the best decision I ever made. Because regardless if it doesn’t appeal to everyone, it certainly has made me a better writer and I actually ENJOY the process now because it feels more real, more me. <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  11. Great advice! I remember my first days of blogging, I read everything out there and only stifled my own creativity. I found that I was subconsciously inserting others’ ideas in my projects, so I had to stop the blog reading.

  12. nicole simonetti

    the most important thing about being a blogger is having an authentic voice. only you have the ideas & thoughts that you do, so utilize that! don’t hold back on any post, especially not in the beginning. first impressions last a lifetime, ya know? x, nicole //

  13. Kristine Circenis

    Only recently have I truly understood why it’s okay to not read every freaking thing that’s out on the Internet. Why that may sound silly to have only realized lately, you said it yourself. It seems like it’s something we HAVE to do in order to stay relevant and see what else is out there, but we end up losing ourselves in the process. Great work as always.

    xo Kristine

    1. Haha thank you! Yeah I definitely started off reading all the things and couldn’t write anything! To this day I most skim stuff otherwise it’s just too much!

  14. Great post, Rachel! I first started blogging in high school too, but that was a personal blog that only my friends and myself would see. My blogging kind of grew from there, and I created my beauty blog thinking only my friends would see it so I never really had “first post jitters”, which I am thankful for! But these are amazing tips, so helpful for anyone who wants to start a blog! I definitely agree that you shouldn’t have a filter, because your personality is what keeps ’em coming back! x

  15. This is perfect! I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I started my blog but I am kinda glad that I didn’t overanalyze every step haha.

  16. These are great tips, I especially love the one on how much you read other’s content. I find when I am reading other’s content more, I start to doubt my content and my own voice. This is a great read for a new blogger!

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