First Trimester Q+A with Baby Number 2

Wowwww! I can't believe I'm actually already past the midway mark with baby number 2!! Sharing a first trimester Q+A today answering some of the common questions I've been getting on IG from due date, to what pregnancy symptoms I experienced during the first trimester and so much more!

Also can't thank you guys enough for how sweet and supportive you were after watching my “Surprise! Pregnancy Announcement To My Husband” video!! I had so much fun doing something a little different for him. I normally can't keep a secret for the life of me, haha!

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When are you due?

June 2021! I don't do exact dates… they moved my due date during my first pregnancy, and have already moved it in this pregnancy too.

Babies come when they come, so I try not to focus on weeks/due dates because I'd drive myself crazy… A la my “overdue 41-21 weeks pregnancy vlog” last time!

First trimester Q+A! Talking all about my first trimester symptoms, due date, how pregnancy is different with my second baby, and more! Of course sharing more pregnant belly bump date photos like these from being 5 weeks pregnant with baby number 2!

How did you find out?

Ahh I went over this in my 6 week pregnancy vlog and shared the real footage in our pregnancy announcement video! It's a pretty wild story!

What were your first trimester symptoms?

Ahh so this was definitely different than my first pregnancy! My first pregnancy my boobs were crazy sore, I was constantly tired, and sneezing all the time.

This time, I've had great energy levels the entire time over all. I still would crawl in bed around 2 pm to watch TV and cuddle with my daughter for an hour, but I was never tired enough to nap.

My nose never really healed from my first pregnancy, so I've actually struggled with a dry nose for over a year until I found this sinus spray that has been a game changer! It's totally clean and works to strengthen the microbiome and help protect against glyphosate! Basically it's a sinus spray, and also wellness/immunity support! Double whammy and wayyyy better than any saline solution or perscription nasal spray I've ever tried! Cleaner ingredients too!

And I'm still breastfeeding so my nipples have felt weird at times, but not the same soreness I felt the first time around.

Instead my biggest first trimester pregnancy symptom was that I had Trouble Drinking Water During Pregnancy! Apparently it's a thing, who knew!? I shared my 5 Tips To Stay Hydrated While Pregnant When You Can't Drink Water Here though! In that post I talk about how I got rid of my nausea and dealt with it along the way!

As a result of the lack of water, I also struggled with some constipation which I resolved by drinking this daily until things normalized again.

Answering a ton of first trimester questions like what were my first trimester symptoms, when is my due date, how this pregnancy is different from my first time being pregnant, and more! Of course sharing more pregnant belly bump date photos like these from being 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 2!

How does this pregnancy feel different than the last?

So everyone always says every pregnancy and baby is different and I'll agree. This pregnancy has been quite different on many levels, but it's also been very much the same. I think I definitely “felt my body” more this pregnancy. I never “felt” pregnant until like the 3rd trimester last time. This time, I could feel round ligament pain in my first trimester.

My belly also is just different this time. My husband swore he couldn't tell I was pregnant looking until around 16-18 weeks… but I felt pregnant. My stomach feels wider this time around. Like a little basket ball. I had a belly only pregnancy really my first pregnancy too, but it wasn't so “ball” like if that makes sense.

How long did you wait to tell friends and family?

We told some people like the day we found out haha – mostly our prenatal chiropractor and just people we saw that day.

From there we just told friends as it came up. A lot of our friends are actually pregnant with their second too, so it was just natural.

Family we waited until the week leading up to revealing online. I'll be sharing more about this in my post on pregnancy anxiety soon!

Are you having a doula again?

Yes!! I LOVED having a doula last time and she's already been such a support this pregnancy in navigating pregnancy during the current times.

Are you doing placenta pills again?

No! I shared about this in a recent post here on Why I Won't Eat My Placenta Again. Nothing bad happened, but I learned SO much since the first time around. I put together a little checklist in that post to help others decide with loads of information on placenta pills I couldn't find anywhere else!

Do you know the gender?

Yes!! We found out the gender around 11 weeks again this time through the bloodwork. Waiting until after I do the anatomy scan to reveal though. Any guesses?!?

12 weeks pregnant belly photos with baby number 2!! Sharing even more pregnancy bump date photos in this post plus doing a recap of the first trimester answering lots of questions! Including how my second pregnancy has been different than my first, how I found out I was pregnant, when my due date was, and of course: first trimester pregnancy symptoms and how to deal!