7 Best Felt Christmas Trees For Toddlers | At Home Montessori Christmas Tree Activity

Best Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers

These are our top picks from this list of montessori Christmas tree ideas for toddlers, click here to jump to the detailed reviews!

Discover the magic of the montessori Christmas tree for toddlers this holiday season! Instead of worrying about your kids messing up the real tree with the glass ornaments, a great way to engage them is with their own little tree! Felt Christmas trees for toddlers are a fun way for young children to work on fine motor skills, spatial relations and planning, different colors, and more!

Are felt Christmas trees montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori never created a felt Christmas tree as part of her pedagogy, but they do fall in line with her views around childhood in that they are child-sized, foster independence, practice practical life skills, and encourage a deep focus.

If you want more montessori Christmas activities, check out these PDF downloads I made for you!

How to choose the best montessori Christmas tree?

Felt Christmas trees that align most with montessori, will allow small hands to decorate however they see fit.

In other words: they won't have pre-done spots the ornaments are supposed to go.

Montessori also prioritized practical life skills, like learning how to button clothes, so Christmas trees that work more refined motor skills are also going to be a top choice; but not a deal breaker.

What are the benefits of felt montessori Christmas trees?

A felt Christmas tree allows toddlers to follow alongside the Christmas decorating in an age-appropriate manner. Little hands can add their own Christmas ornaments from candy canes, Santa, and even real lights, without ever touching your actual tree.

During the process of using a felt Christmas tree they learn all about spatial relations and planning while refining motor skills. You can also talk with them about their tree to use it as a speech development toy and work on colors or numbers.

How do you hang a felt Christmas tree?

The top of the tree typically has a loop which you can place on a command hook attached to the wall with ease.

I've also let me kids place them on the floor and just decorate that way:

Best Felt Montessori Christmas Tree For Toddlers

The Cutest Felt Christmas Tree: The Felt Arrow Company

I am *obsessed* with how cute this montessori Christmas tree is for toddlers! This high quality tree features three different shades of green to make up the felt Christmas tree and adorable, multi-layered felt ornaments you're going to smile every time you look over at it!

Included you get a reversible felt tree with instructions and velcro strips for hanging the tree. It also comes with a felt star and the adorable felt light bulbs. From there you can choose between three different sets of ornaments (with an option to purchase multiple at checkout). My favorites are option B and C.

While felt sticks to itself and the ornaments do not come with any velcro, the shop does include velcro dots if you want to attach them on to any of the heavier ornaments or if your toddlers is rough.

Best Seller + Budget Felt Christmas Tree: Tobehigher

A top seller on Amazon, this 3.5 ft wall felt christmas tree for kids comes with 40 ornaments that stick to the durable 3 mm thick felt tree with velcro.

We love this option for a great cost-effective montessori christmas tree for toddlers and find the quality to be great for the price.

It also includes some of the more unique and toddler approved ornaments on this list, with a red Christmas tree truck, ice cream cones, angels, and cakes.

Best Personalized Felt Christmas Tree: Little Beans Toy Chest

A beautiful, double layered stitched felt christmas tree that velcros together with Santa and a built in advent calendar with the option to personalize with your child's name!

We also love that this pick offers a different fine motor challenge than most, in that the “ornaments” on the tree are fastened by looping onto felt buttons on the tree.

Durable Felt Christmas Tree: Hotspot Gift Shop

Hotspot Gift Shop has an affordable felt Christmas tree with a few options to choose from:

  • The 44in felt christmas tree with 34 ornaments
  • Above included, and lights for the tree
  • Tree and a gift bag
  • All three: Tree, lights, and gift bag

They offer a durable design and multi-layered ornaments. The only “downside” in our book is that the tree has velcro patches sewn on, meaning kids don't really choose where ornaments go, but rather what ornament goes where. This may be considered a good thing as they are forced to spread things out, but it's not the most montessori design of letting the child lead and figure out spatial relations.

Best 3D Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers: Customized Gift Shop 4 U

This 3.3 FT Felt Christmas tree is sewn together to prevent toddlers from ripping it up; but the 3D shape itself is velcro'ed together after you receive it. It includes the tree, 26 ornaments to decorate with, and a string of lights.

Toddlers can choose to velcro the ornaments onto the tree, or gently hang them from the pom poms.

We love that this offers such a diverse experience and feels the most like a real Christmas tree.

Runner Up 3D Tree + Budget Hack For Siblings Too!: The Party Wonderland

The Party Wonderland's felt Christmas tree kit offers a unique experience, and cost saving option for parents with multiple kids.

You can choose to stick the tree together to create a stand up 3D using the three detable green felt Christmas trees, OR use them each on their own as an individual tree hung on a wall.

It also includes 18 Christmas decorations that kids can hang onto the pom poms on the tree, or stick to the tree. NOTE: The ornaments stick very gently as there is no velcro and this shop uses the “felt sticks to felt” mentality; which is true, but not a strong hold for rough toddlers.

Best White + Pink Felt Christmas Tree: OurWarm Kids

Our Warm Kids felt Christmas tree features layers of white and pink felt, as well as adorable pink, blue, and yellow color coordination winter decorations.

NOTE: The Christmas ornaments stick to the tree via velcro and only go on the pre-velcroed spots, taking away some of the Montessori magic.


Any tips on how to protect my real tree?

Yes! These ornament anchors are GREAT for protecting glass ornaments from toddlers accidentally shattering them!

Can I DIY a felt christmas tree?

Yes, you can go to your local fabric store, pick up a yard of green felt and cut the shape of your own tree shape. If you have a cricut machine, you can get other colors and DIY your own ornaments with loads of detail using the Cricut maker.

Where to buy felt Christmas trees for toddlers?

Amazon and Etsy are two of the most popular places to buy felt Christmas trees for kids.

You can also check Target, Walmart or chat with your local craft store about someone making them near you.

Final thoughts

If you've ever wondered how to decorate for Christmas when you have toddlers, you know it can be anxiety producing with breakable ornaments and tip hazards galore. Giving kids of all ages their own Christmas tree is the perfect way for them to feel apart of, without the stress.

A favorite Christmas tradition in our home, and great Christmas activity for preschoolers and toddlers, is decorating a felt Christmas tree.

If you want more montessori Christmas activities, check out these PDF downloads I made for you!