February Baby Photo Ideas | Valentine’s Baby Photoshoot At Home!

Discover 3 easy and cute February baby photo ideas for a traditional Valentine's day baby photoshoot at home and a not-so-traditional one!

Even better? You can repurpose one of this baby photoshoot ideas for July!! AND I'm sharing simple props, letterboard phrases, and outfits to use!

These are part of a larger monthly baby picture ideas series full of letterboard sayings, photo props, tips, and editing hacks to make your at home photoshoot look professional!

February Baby Milestone Photo Prop Ideas:

  • Hearts (paper, stickers, felt, cookies, placemats, whatever!)
  • Flowers (real, faux, felt, etc.)
  • Tutu
  • Candy
  • Cozy blankets
  • Teddy bears

February Monthly Baby Photo Letterboard phrases:

  • Cuter than Cupid
  • Mommy’s my Valentine
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, sorry you get no sleep, and for all that poo too
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. I love mommy’s kisses, and daddy does too
  • Sweetest Tart In The Box (using sweet tarts as props)
  • Sweet as ______
  • Cutest in the galaxy (with baby Yoda)
  • Future Heart Breaker
  • Mr. I'mma steal your heart
  • Mister Irresistible

February Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas:

Valentine Baby Picture Ideas:

When you think of February the first thing to come to mind is obviously Valentine's Day!

My kids were both born later in the month so timing didn't feel right for that, but it's super easy as there are loads of done for you prop packs and letterboard phrases the work directly for a Valentine's day photo shoot at home for baby boy or baby girl!

You can also use some red lipstick to kiss your baby all over for a playful photo!

Baby Cupid Photoshoot:

If you want to do a more creative spin on Valentine's day hearts or kisses, you can turn your sweet little Cherub into baby Cupid!

February Baby Photo Shoot At Home:

If you prefer to skip a Valentine's Day baby photoshoot, you can still use the theme of “love” and color scheme from February! That's what I did for my not so traditional Valentine photoshoot ideas for baby boy this year and baby girl a couple years ago!

Even better? You could do this exact photoshoot for July and swap out the mini hearts for red, white, and blue themed trinkets around the Cherry pies!

These are some of my favorite picks since they can easily be reused as everyday clothes and the props can be used for activities:

TIP: Don't be afraid to mix and match outfits! Like this one is technically for girls, but if you put a long sleeve white onesie under it can be really cute for boys too! I did that with a similar girls outfit from this brand in my October photoshoot for baby boy here!

More Monthly Milestone Baby Photo Ideas:

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