Fall Toddler Activity: Contact Paper Tree

Have a preschool aged child at home and looking for something to do? The Contact Paper Tree is a fall toddler activity you can adapt for 1 year olds, 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4 year olds! It's a fabulous no mess activity you can do at home and set up in under 5 minutes!

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  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape or masking tape
  • Tissue or construction paper or leaves or sticks (or all of the above!)
  • Tweezers (optional)

Step 1: Make your tree form

Take your contact paper and cut out your tree form.

If you prefer, you can just cut a square and draw a tree form on the square using a permanent marker. Older toddlers can work on staying in the lines.

For younger toddlers, I'd suggest cutting the actual tree form though and just using a little scotch tape to put it on your window/wall since they may not get the concept of “staying inside the lines” yet.

Step 2: Play!

Lay out some supplies for your toddler to “decorate” their tree with.

You can give them brown tissue paper for the trunk and a mix of orange, yellow, red, and green for the leaves.

Or you can give them some small/lightweight twigs for the trunk and some real leaves you've collected for the top (collecting the supplies alone can be an activity!)

For older toddlers, give them toddler tweezers like these to practice their fine motor skills in lifting the tissue paper or leaves and adding it to their contact paper tree. You may need to model this a few times for them.

I keep a little table next to the contact paper, with bowls of the decorating supplies, and let me daughter come back to this activity throughout the week until she's fully decorated it.

A no mess toddler activity you can do at home this fall with your toddler: DIY contact paper tree! Learn how to set this activity up for 1 year olds, 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds. It's the perfect rainy day or cold day activity to do inside with your toddler.