3 Easy Fall Leaf Painting Ideas For Kids

If you're wondering what leaf painting is for kids, don't stress! Today I'm sharing a few tips and ideas for fall leaf painting. It's an easy activity for toddlers and older kids! Plus I'm sharing some of the benefits of leaf painting for toddlers and big kids!


I'm going to share 3 ways to do fall leaf painting with your toddler and kids! But first…

How do you make a leaf painting for kids?

Start by going outside with your kids to collect some leaves. Gather a wide variety from large leaves to flat ones. Some single leaves and some still on the stem/branch.

When you get home, set out your supplies of butcher paper and paint.

From there, choose one of the below leaf painting options!

3 Leaf Painting Ideas For Kids

Option 1: Leaves as brushes

For this fall leaf painting activity, you'll simply use the fallen leaves as paint brushes!

You can do this a few ways.

First, you can get some leaves that are still attached to the stem/branch so the branch acts as the “paintbrush handle.” This is great for fine motor refinement and working on a pencil grip!

Second, you can choose some longer/sturdier leaves and let your child use those as the paint brush (think palm fronds, pine needles, or a hardy/sturdy leaf near you)

Third, you can clip the leaves with a clothespin, and have your kids use that as the paintbrush handle.

All you need to do is lay out some butcher paper, some paint (I'd suggest just putting some on the butcher paper to make dipping the leaves easier), and your leaves!

This is great for sensory learning and visualizing how the different types of leaves make different strokes.

If you're wondering what leaf painting is for kids, don't stress! Discover a few tips and ideas for fall leaf painting. It's an easy activity for toddlers and older kids! Plus I'm sharing some of the benefits of leaf painting for toddlers and big kids!

Option 2: Paint the leaf

This time you may want to use a paintbrush, but again it's not necessary.

All you're going to do is have your child paint the leaf. They can do this by using a paint brush, or their fingers.

Another option would be to dip/smash the face of the leaf into a pile of paint (kind of like upside down spin art).

That's it! This is a great option for younger toddlers or older babies. It also works best with larger leaves.

Option 3: Leaf stamping

Going off the previous 2 options you can extend the play by having your toddler use the leaf as a stamp. It's basically a more structured option 1. This time instead of using the leaves as a paintbrush though, they'll use the painted leaf face as a stamp to transfer their leaf painting on paper.

This is a great introductory STEM lesson in applying force.

Benefits of leaf painting for toddlers:

  • Fine motor skill refinement
  • Color theory
  • Language development
  • Cause and effect
  • Sensory learning
  • STEM education
  • Involvement in nature

What paint to use on leaves?

You do not need any special paint for this leaf art project. You may want acrylic paint to adhere a little better, but any washable paint will do just fine. It's better to choose a safe paint based on your child's age and tendency to put things in their mouth, versus a strong holding paint.

For older babies, you may even want to just use some yogurt dyed with food coloring to keep things safe!

That's it! I hope you love this easy fall leaf painting art project with your kids! You can do it with older babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementrary school kids!

If you do it, I'd love to see what you make! Tag me on IG @theconfusedmillennial!


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Discover 3 fall leaf painting ideas for an easy art project for kids, toddlers, and babies! There are so many benefits to leaf painting and getting the designs on paper!