Top 50 Fall Baby Names [Perfect For Autumn Babies!]

If you're looking for beautiful Fall baby names for a little girl or little boy, look no further! We've rounded up the perfect Autumn baby names for the Fall season from trending to modern and unique, listed below alphabetically with their origins, meaning, and nickname ideas!

List of Top 50+ Fall Baby Names


English and Latin origins meaning “number one; the best.” It’s also the masculine baby boy version of “Maple”.

Nickname: Ace

fall baby names


French and arabic origins meaning “amber-colored” and “the sky” this beautiful names inspires imagery of fall leaves and skies and is a classic popular name.

Nickname: Amb, Amby, Ber


English origin meaning “the apple fruit” which is the perfect name to go with many fall favorite activities from making apple cakes to apple picking!


Latin origin meaning “Harvest goddess,” which is perfect for the harvest season!

Nicknames: Ann, Nona, Annie, Nony


British origins meaning “happy” and related to the verdant ash tree which is a symbol of protection. It's the perfect choice for a unisex name if you don't know the gender!


Greek origins meaning “the best” – which many argue Fall is the best season after all!

Nicknames: Ari, Itty, Sta


North American origin based on a tree you find in the region. It formally means “shaking popular; quaking tree” and conjures images of brilliant fall woods and brisk autumn breezes.


Latin origin meaning “the golden one” – much like the “golden” season!

Nickname: Aurie, El, Eli, Elia


Latin origin for the “Goddess of dawn” 

Nicknames: Ror, Rory, Rora, Ra


Latin origin meaning “fall” is quite literally for the season! It means “season of harvest” formally and is pretty on the nose as far as Autumn names go, but is still a classic name regardless!

Nicknames: Auttie


Scottish origin meaning “yellow haired or blond” which fit the Autumn leaf colors signifying warmth and the golden sun.

Nickname: Bow, Wie


Latin origin meaning “fire; flame” much like the colors of the Autumn months!


British origin meaning “thorny bush of wild roses; brambles”

Nickname: Bry


Italian origin meaning “brown” which is a very Fall color!


Welsh origins meaning “hill” 


Latin origin meaning “song” it also means “crimson” in Aramaic – which is another Fall color!

Nicknames: Car, Carmie, Minnie


Aramaic origin meaning “treasurer” and the worlds famous friendly ghost!

Nicknames: Cas, Casp


Latin origin meaning “cedar tree.” Cedar trees are known for their resilience and strength, and make the perfect spicy smelling fall tree!


Latin origin meaning “curly haired” similar to the crispy curly leaves of fall.

Nicknames: Crisp, Cris, Crispy


Cornish origin meaning “elm.” The Elm Tree is associated with loyalty and the ability to weather the darkest storms.

Nicknames: El, Ellie

fall baby names


English origin meaning “spark” and a variation of Amber

Nicknames: Em, Emmy


English and French origins meaning “of the woods”


British origins meaning “made of gold” and perfectly fits the Fall hues.


English origins meaning “hazel tree” which is a symbol of protection and authority. It’s a great vintage baby girl name.

Nicknames: Hay, Hazie, El


British origin meaning “one who hunts; pursuer”

Nicknames: Hun, Hunty


Hebrew origin meaning “autumn rain; he teaches” and is easily one of the prettiest Fall names that's not currently ranking on the popular charts, making it a great unique Autumn name!


Latin origin meaning “Laurel tree; Bay Tree” which is a symbol of victory. It's actually a gender neutral name with a ton of cute nicknames and variations.

Nicknames/Variations: Laura, Laur, Lauren, Lars, Loretta, Lori, Lowri, Laurie, Lala, Lauretta, Lauran


English origin meaning “balance scales; equilibrium” and is also the Fall astrological sign and constellation of stars between Virgo and Scorpio.


German and Roman origins meaning “made form linwood; Lime tree” and is associated with abundance and growth and one of my favorite Autumn-inspired names!

Nicknames: Lin, Linny, Den, Denny


Spanish origin meaning “corn” and a traditional fall food.

Nickname: May


English origin referring to the beautiful maple tree and it’s fall foliage. However it also is the national symbol of Canada, representing strength and endurance through the First World War. 

Nicknames: Mape, Mapes, Pel

Oakes / Oakley 

British origin meaning “meadow of oak trees” which are known for their strength and resilience.


fall baby names

Greek and Roman origins meaning “olive tree” which is often a symbol of peace


Irish name meaning “golden princess” which is perfectly fitting for the golden season!

Nickname: Ori, La, Lala


English and French name meaning “companion” but also a nod to the Pear Tree which fruits in the late summer and fall months and acts as a symbol of abundance, longevity, and divine sustenance and is a unique name not currently trending.


Greek name for the goddess Queen of the Underworld who was also the Spring Goddess. The story is actually quite beautiful and used depict the cycle of the season as Persephone descends to the underworld during fall and winter, only to re-emerge during the Spring and Summer signify the cycle of life too.

Nicknames: Perseph, Seph, Sephy, P


Greek origins meaning “immortality; resurrection; dark red” with the latter being associated with the colors of fall.

Nicknames: Phee, Nix


British origin meaning “from the red field or red meadow.” And reminiscent of the classic fall read “To Kill A Mockingbird”

Nicknames: Rad, Raddy, Lee


English origin meaning “dark haired; wise” and also the name of the popular bird which has become an unofficial emblem of Fall.

Nicknames: Ray


English origin meaning “red” which is another signature Autumn color.


Greek origin meaning “flowing stream”


Irish origins meaning “red king”


Irish and Scottish name meaning “little redhead” and “rowan tree” which is known for its red berries and represents courage, wisdom, and protection.

Nicknames: Ro


French origins meaning “little red” and a lovely name for boys or girls.

Nicknames: Rus, Rusty


Arabic origin meaning “yellow flower.” The Saffron plant blooms during the fall too making it a beautiful nature-inspired name.

Nicknames: Saff, Ron, Ronny, Saffy

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Latin origins meaning “wise or healthy.” The earthy name is also a popular shade of green and popular fall cooking spice!


French origin and another color name meaning “red” with ties to joy, courage, and passion and a classic fall-themed name!

Nicknames: Scar, Letty


Latin origin meaning “from Siena” which refers to the reddish-brown clay found in the Italian city whose colors resemble Autumn.


French origin meaning “reddish brown” typically used to describe a horse, and conjures the perfect amber Autumn color!

Nicknames: Sor, Rell


English origin meaning “willow tree” – aside from conjuring the fall inspired Taylor Swift imagery of Evermore, it also represent the elegant tree known for its ability to prosper and grow despite difficult conditions.


Greek origin meaning “golden; yellow” which perfectly suits the colors of the Autumn season!


Persian origin meaning “golden.” The beautiful, unique Fall baby girl name is not currently ranking.

Nickname: Zar, Zari, Ina

Final thoughts on fall baby names

Finding the perfect nature name, whether that's the name of a tree or color that represents this time of year, is definitely a journey! After donning your cozy sweaters and going through this list of seasonal names, we hope you found the fall-inspired baby name to match the beautiful season and your beautiful baby!