17 Fall Activities for Kids + Busy Toddlers To Do At Home

If you have a busy toddler on your hands or active school aged kid, you know how important it is to have some activities ready to go in minutes at home! Discover the best fall activities for kids and busy toddlers to do at home, indoors or outdoors!

They work fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language development, and even have some STEM and sensory learning lessons in them too!

Parents will love that they can set up these fall themed activities for kids in minutes, and most of them are no mess or low mess!

Fallen Leaves: Montessori Glue Box Fall Activity

"Fallen Leaves" combines the montessori glue and paste box with a fun fall theme working tons of skills to create an engaging toddler and preschooler activity!

Fallen leaves is a fun spin on the montessori glue box activity. You can find instructions on how to set this up for your toddler here, and download the barren tree printable here.

Fall Sticker Shapes

Easy, no mess fall toddler activity you can do at home and set up in minutes: fall sticker shapes! Discover how this boosts concentration, independent play, and spatial relations here!

Fall sticker shapes is a ton of fun for the sticker obsessed toddler! Discover how to set this activity up here and download the FREE fall printables here!

Montessori Fall Sorting Activity

Sorting is a favorite montessori activity for toddlers in the sensitive period for order starting somewhere between 18 to 21 months for most. It makes a great preschool or toddler activity for montessori at home moms too!

Montessori sorting is a great activity for toddlers in the montessori sensitive period for order. It's super easy to set up and clean up, while encouraging cognitive development and problem solving. Learn more about this fall montessori sorting activity for toddlers here!

Fall Sensory Bin

Who doesn't love a good sensory bin? It's so easy to set up, and encourages loads of exploration and sensory learning for kids!

All you do is select a base. I'd recommend sand, dirt, rocks, water, foam, or play dough for this one!

Use some items collected from nature. Think leaves, pine cones, acorns, sticks, acorns, etc.

An easy fall sensory tray with play dough, wood acorns, pine cones, twigs, and leaves.

And add in any scoopers or jars or whatever else you'd like!

I love this sensory box which comes with jars and scoopers.

No need to model anything here! Just let your toddler have some fun!

Easy set up fall sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers to do using nature items on a cold November day! Great sensory learning activity with low mess!

Fall Oobleck Tray

A fall oobleck tray is a great fall themed STEM activity and promotes sensory learning through hands on play!

This fall oobleck tray was a total hit and so easy to set up! Discover how to make oobleck here!

Fall Leaf Painting Ideas For Kids

If you're wondering what leaf painting is for kids, don't stress! Discover a few tips and ideas for fall leaf painting. It's an easy activity for toddlers and older kids! Plus I'm sharing some of the benefits of leaf painting for toddlers and big kids!

What preschooler doesn't love paint or playing in fallen leaves? Here are 3 easy fall leaf painting ideas for kids to combine two of their favorite fall activities!

Apple Tree Forest | Fall Gross Motor Activity

Looking for an EASY fall gross motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers? Try APPLE TREE FOREST! Using items you already have at home, this makes the perfect indoor low mess activity for cold November days!

Apple Tree Forest is probably my favorite fall activity on this list! It's SO simple to set up and works a slew of skills from fine motor, STEM engineering and problem solving, color sorting, and of course, gross motor! Discover how to set up this fall gross motor activity for toddlers here!

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