Exploring Venice, California

#Wanderlusting- Exploring the Venice Canals, California - the confused millennial, millennial blog


I was about 8 or 9 years old when the Olsen Twins released a movie called Billboard Dad (who else remembers this gem??) and I became obsessed with moving to California… more specifically Venice… okay that's actually a lie… I was already obsessed with moving to California from the moment I watched Full House years earlier (I swore I would run away and join the Tanner clan in San Fran).

So a few months ago when I finally got to take a long trip out to Southern California, you can bet that Venice was on my high priority list of places to see.

And it really did not disappoint!  I could not be more obsessed with the Venice Canals… every home was like a work of art, and totally left me feeling like I was going to bump into the Olsen twins and their “Billboard Dad” at any moment.

The Venice Canals were built in 1905 by Abbott Kinney. These man made canals span over quite a few blocks. It's really a site to see and this perfect little serene and artistic community will just wash you with a sense of peacefulness… A stark contrast to Venice beach which is just a block or two away.