Exogun Review: Dream Pro vs Mini Pocket [Which is the best massage gun?!]

Wondering what is the best massage therapy gun that's also affordable? In this Exogun review, I'm comparing the Exogun Dream Pro vs Exogun Pocket massage gun in this review after using both for about a year now.

My personal favorite is the Exogun Mini Pocket, which you can get for under $100; but my husband prefers the Dream Pro. Discover why below!

NOTE: You can snag these massage guns for nearly 70% off tradition recovery therapy massages guns and I'm also answering all your FAQs.

Does the Exogun work?

Yes! Both the ExoGun Dream Pro and ExoGun pocket work great for relieving muscles, boosting circulation, and improving recovery speeds.

They advertise “relief in 30 seconds” and both my husband and I found that to be true.

What is percussive therapy?

Percussive therapy is a massage technique that treats soft tissue pain with strong pulses and vibrations through the muscle groups. The Exogun is a type of percussive therapy massage gun.

A percussion massage speeds up the recovery and boosts muscle function by reducing inflammation, relaxing the muscles, releasing scar tissue and adhesions, reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness, boosts circulation, and relieves soreness/tensions.

Which massage gun is best: Exogun Dream Pro vs Pocket?

Between the Exogun DreamPro and Exogun Pocket, I personally like the Pocket while my husband prefers the Dream Pro.

Each person has different wants in a massage gun though so here's some things to consider when deciding:

Dream Pro: My husband likes speed and depth. Two things the DreamPro has the Pocket beat on.

Pocket: While I like both of those things, I'm a lazy massager. Most massage guns we've gotten over the years I don't end up using because they are difficult to maneuver and my hand/arm get tired. The Pocket, while not as powerful as the Dream Pro, is great because of how lightweight it is and it's small enough for me to place between my body and my chair while I'm working and let it do it's thing without being uncomfortable or having to hold it. It's also small enough to take on trips.

So in my case, it makes sense for me to sacrifice a little speed and depth for me to actually use the massage gun.

With that said, the Dream Pro's ergonomic design has made it the easiest massage gun I've ever handled of its size. I was VERY impressed.

What comes inside:

Exogun DreamPro:

You'll get a carrying case with the Exogun Dreampro massage gun, 4 attachment heads, one 110-240V charging cable, a user manual, and a 1 year warranty, plus to extra rubber gasket rings.

ExoGun Pocket:

The Exogun Pocket massage gun, four attachment heads, and USB charger.

Exogun Massage Gun Specs:

ExoGun Dream Pro:

  • Weight: 2.5 lbs (feels more like 4 lbs though)
  • Speed settings: 6 speed levels
  • Stroke Length: 16 mm?
  • Number of attachment heads: Four (medium density soft foam ball, flat, bullet, and fork)
  • Battery life: about 1 month
  • Noise: 50-70 dB
  • Stall force: 60 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $599 – HOWEVER It's pretty much always on sale for $150-250
  • Carrying Case: Yes

ExoGun Pocket:

  • Weight: about a pound (similar to an iPad)
  • Speed settings: 4 speed levels
  • Stroke Length: 8 mm
  • Number of attachment heads: 4 (medium density soft foam ball, flat, bullet, and fork)
  • Battery life: 3 hours
  • Noise: 50-70 dB (quietest massage gun I've ever used)
  • Warranty: None
  • Price: $95
  • Carrying Case: No

How do I turn my Exogun on?

Dream Pro:

Charge it fully before first use, make sure it is switched to “on” at the bottom of the gun handle, then press and hold the power button on the display screen. The left side of the display is the speed level, the right side is the battery life left.


Charge it fully before first use, when the light turns green hold the power button at the base for a few seconds until it turns on. You'll turn it off by holding the power button the same way.

How do I use an ExoGun?

Charge it before first use, then use it like any other percussion massage gun! Start with a light pressure and then working to deeper if you prefer. From there the use of it really varies by muscle group and customizable massage gun heads to get the most out of the percussive therapy massage.

Which Massage Gun Head To Use When:


The ball is a medium density soft foam that's great for general soreness or working large and medium muscle groups. Think long strokes along the legs and arms. This is what I'd personally use to warm up the muscles and get blood flowing before doing some of the more targeted heads if doing a deep tissue massage.

With that said, it works great on it's own and I frequently use it on my pectoral muscles which tend to be tight from arching/breastfeeding my babies all day! In fact, as I write this, the ExoGun pocket is under my right hamstring sending all the vibrations and releases down my leg!


The flat head is designed to soften dense muscles groups.

For me personally, this comes in handy in areas that have been tight for SO long that they don't even have a real specific trigger point to release them.

Now with that said, it's definitely my least favorite/used attachment.

On the Dream Pro this has some little texture and on the Pocket it's flat.


The hard plastic bullet head gets into trigger points to release knots.

This is one of my favorite heads! You can continue using it on the area afterwards or switch to the ball or flat head to smooth out the surrounding muscles that have just been released by the trigger point. It works AMAZING and isn't to pointy feeling.


This hard plastic dual pronged head is perfect for working around the spine or other bony areas.

How do I charge my Exogun?

The ExoGun Dream Pro comes with a 110-240V charging cable for its 2400 mAh lithium battery which lasts about a month when fully charged.

The ExoGun pocket comes with a USB charger you plug into the bottom next to the power button and lasts for about 3 hours.

What to do if Exogun won't turn on:

Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds to restart it.

This happened the first time I used my ExoGun pocket. I opened the box, plugged it in to charge, saw the little green light indicating it was ready to go, and then was SO disappointed when it didn't turn on!

I found some troubleshooting advice online about massage guns in general (not specific to ExoGun) and they said to hold it for 8-10 seconds. I tried it, and it didn't work. I thought, “maybe I'm a fast counter?” So I tried it again, held the power button down for 15 seconds then pushed it again and it worked! I haven't had an issue since opening it and I've had this massage gun for a year now.

What I found with the ExoGun pocket after that, is you do need to hold it for 2-5 seconds to power it on. Not just push the start button. You power it off the same exact way (holding the power button for a few seconds).

A quick tap of the power button only moves you through the speed settings in my experience.

With the Exogun Dream Pro, our first charger didn't work, so I had to get a replacement. To turn it on, you just push the power button on the display face and double check the switch at the base is on.

ExoGun Customer Service:

I've seen a couple of reviews say the phone number on their website doesn't work… but I also could not find a phone number on their website? So I'm not sure what those were about.

Instead what I can say is their customer service is pretty standard for an overseas company in my experience. They are based in Hong Kong and use Zendesk on their website or you can email support@exogun.com.

It typically takes 3 or so business days for them to get back to you but expect the same wait time.

ExoGun price:

ExoGun runs promotions pretty often so it's hard to say what they sell for on average. What I can say is the list price for the Exogun mini pocket is $299, but it typically sells for about 70% off at around $90 (plus or minus $15 depending on the sale at the time).

The Exogun DreamPro is $599. However, the Dream Pro is ALWAYS on sale and typically seems to sell between $150-250.

ExoGun discount code:

Use Exogun discount code TCM10 for 10% off your purchase here!

Is the ExoGun any good?

Yes! We are big fans of both of the ExoGun massagers in our house.

Exogun Dream Pro:

My BIG concern with the ExoGun dream pro was whether or not I'd be able to use it on myself, and for how long before I got tired due to it's size.

The massage gun is quite big, especially for a petite woman like myself. I often get tired very quickly when using massage guns and need my husband to hold them for me.

And while the ExoGun Dream Pro is kind of heavy, I found that the Ergonomic design really does make it easy to use. I never got tired or found it difficult like other guns. I think that's due to it's angled handle. Most massage guns have a 90 degree angle (like their Pocket), this is more slanted, which gives you an extra 1-2″ of reach on the bag, and makes it so you aren't holding it in such a weird angle when working the trap muscles.

ExoGun Pocket:

What I LOVE about the ExoGun pocket is that it's small enough to simply put under my leg or behind my back while working (so it rests between my body and the chair). Providing some much needed relief while boosting circulation. Sure the use of it is in one spot when using it like this, but the rapid pulsating strokes carry through the muscle groups and I adjust it's position every few minutes or so.

NOTE: As this is NOT how the massage gun is intended to be used, it may shut off if the battery gets too hot.