Easy Last Minute Snapchat Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Originally, I scarecrow halloweenplanned this post to be about “easy makeup based Halloween costumes”. However, I am makeup inept and gave up after this attempt at a “scarecrow” look to the left.

Instead, I decided to make this post for the every person, these are extremely easy Snapchat inspired Halloween costumes that can be put together in under five minutes, with little to no skills and no harm to your bank account.



Let’s start with the most labor intensive on the list:

a Bratz Doll?

Not totally sure what this filter is but it’s cute!:

bratz doll snapchat

It’s literally so easy a kid could do it! Just grab a few temporary tattoos or stickers, slap ’em on your cheek, and find a purple lipstick and you’re done (I told you these were easy)!


Fortune Teller or Cat Lady… you choose.


snapchat filter costume

Basically just grab a pashmina, towel, or turban and your grandma’s glasses and you’re set!

Dog Filter

… I am THE most excited about this one…



Get the downloadable version here, print it (you may need to resize it, I printed it at 150%, then just tape the ears and nose on your phase and the tongue to a stick!

snapchat dog filter


Lastly, if you have more time and money and want to elevate the look even more, check out this video below by Niki and Gabi, it’s absolutely amazing!



The possibilities with Snapchat filters are endless! These are just a few of my favorites. You can wear by yourself or as a group costume with each of your friends rocking a different one!

Tell me in the comments what filter you would wear!

Download 4 printable Snapchat filters now!




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