Easter Bunny “Holey Roller” Egg Roll: Easter Game For The Whole Family!

Inspired by Ellen Degeneres's “Holey Roller” Game – and my daughter's love of “feeding” cardboard animals – I decided to combine the two into fun, easy, low mess, Easter Toddler Activity: Easter Bunny “Holey Roller” Egg Roll!

This is a great activity for the whole family! It works SO many skills and is fun for all ages!

Plus I'm confident you already have almost all of the supplies – if not all of them – already!

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  • Large cardboard box
  • Scissors or knife
  • White butcher paper (could use brown too if you don't have white)
  • Tape
  • Permanent Marker/crayons
  • Easter Eggs

Step 1: Create your bunny shape

Cut the two long boxes flaps off. Cover with white paper using tape. Cut into the shape of bunny ears. NOTE: The tip of the ear where you've curved, you'll want to add a little tape too. I just used a thin strip and folded it over the tip to make an inverted U with the tape, and stuck each end of the U under the flappy white piece of paper (see video).

Cover the box in white butcher paper using tape. You'll need to use a scissor or knife (or combination) to cut out a mouth. The mouth is where you'll roll the easter eggs into, so it should be flush on the floor. Watch the video, look at any of the pictures in this post, or just think of Ellen Degeneres's Holey Roller game and where the cut out hole is in that.

Before adding the bunny ears to the top of the box, I'd suggest taking a permanent marker and drawing your ear on then coloring it in.

Add the bunny ears on top of the box with tape. Mine flapped over, so I taped the bottom on both sides, then added a diagonal piece of tape to the back to get them to stand upright (see video).

Step 2: Make your bunny's face

I suggest using a pencil to roughly sketch your bunny's face first. Then take a black permanent marker to draw on your bunny's eyes, nose, beard etc.

Color in the eyes and nose. Feel free to use construction paper if you prefer for this step or have an older child help you make the bunny. This would turn this from a Easter Activity to an Easter Craft too!

Step 3: Play!

Using whole Easter Eggs model rolling them into the bunny's open mouth. This takes quite a bit of coordination and fine motor control, so be patient with your toddler as it may take them a little to get the hang of it. They also may need to be much closer to the bunny than your realize.

How my toddler (2 year old) enjoyed this activity:

At first, she was NOT into it. It's much harder than it looks and I even missed every single shot I took the first round. Then she went right up to the bunny and tried throwing the eggs in. So while hanging out in the playroom with her, I'd just start playing with it and practicing. At that point, she was more interested in where the Easter eggs went once they made it into the bunny. She'd look inside and I couldn't even roll any more in because she as so busy taking them out.

After about a day of watching me, she got into it and started joining in on the rolling by the 2nd or 3rd day. She still LOVES emptying the bunny, but after a week she now loves rolling them in too.

While it took some patience and time (compared to the other Toddler Easter Activities I've shared) I do think it's a really IMPORTANT one. If you're toddler is anything like mine, they really love throwing – which is fine when it's appropriate – but sometimes it's important to teach them to roll or keep things low so they don't hurt anyone/anything on accident. Once she understood how to use her body in this new way, she stopped pegging the bunny in the eye and started to actually roll low. Something I'm very grateful she's learned before baby has arrived!

Now she LOVES it and takes it off her playshelf daily.

Set up and clean up time:

The set up takes about 20 minutes the first time since you have to make the bunny. If you have older kids, you could enlist them to do this for you as an Easter craft. Once you've created your bunny it literally takes 30 seconds to set up and clean up though.

We use an open bin for the Easter eggs, and just put the bunny in it. My daughter cleans up the eggs when we finish so it takes me no time really.

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