Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions; Do This Instead

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Tired of New Year's resolutions that you don't achieve? Guess what? You can skip them! Don't do New Year's Resolutions this year; and do this instead…!!!

This post was originally published on 12/30/16! While the overall sentiments are still true in this post, I make reference to some things that applied to 2016 and 2017! Either way, it's how I do New Year's!

If you're interested in how we've UPDATED this tradition, listen to this podcast episode where we share the 5 part framework we use each year to reflect and grow!

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Hey hey party people!

If you caught this post on Monday, you probably know that I typically spend this week eating my weight in cheese, wondering what I am doing with my life, while binge watching whatever crap I've been avoiding during the Fall season (I am looking at you Vanderpump Rules).

I typically look at this week as “the lost week” and while other people are planning their lives for the coming year resolving to become happier and skinnier versions of themselves… I am over here reading my Astro guide and Chinese New Year predictions.

That's right folks, I don't do resolutions – I try to predict manifest the future!

In fact, you can check out my entire step by step process for Manifesting Anything You Desire In Life here!

If you prefer traditional New Year's Resolutions check out this post: The Ultimate List Of Unique New Year’s Resolution Ideas

I really dislike the unknown and the more “prepared” I can feel for whatever apocalyptic shit is coming my way the better! Last year was the year of the Monkey according to the Chinese calendar – which is why everyone had such a crap year. While everyone was freaking out I was over here chuckling away thinking, “that silly monkey… what a tricky trickster.

Luckily for me and the hubs we were spared in the Monkey's mess. Eric's horoscopes all said he would have “the midas touch” this year and go through some big career and financial changes – which totally happened so bless UP people!

Me on the other hand… I was told I was going to be broke AF this year. Call it a chicken or the egg situation, but after learning that this year was all about me getting on my creative soap box. At the time I thought was ridiculous because I hadn't done anything creative in years. But then the Universe intervened and through a fortuitous series of events I ended up launching TCM during Q1, (I can totally see the celestial gods were right!)

…I digress though back to the coin…

So yeah I was told I was going to be super broke this year and basically should just focus on building a foundation and finding my voice. I call it a chicken or an egg situation because I decided not to really seek out any new business this year. That's right folks, I am a full-time entrepreneur and coach and I did not seek out any business this year (AND I SURVIVED!)

I decided to focus on my own lane. Focus on friendships. Focus on wedding planning. Focus on ME (because I was 26 and I had no responsibilities other than my new health insurance plan). I made the decision in January to not focus on trying to create any new revenue streams in my life.

If new clients came, great.

If new financial opportunities arose, awesome.

If I needed money I could always go back to waitressing.

And guess what happened?

I did make money this year – I wasn't totally broke or anything. I still maxed out my IRA contribution and am going into the new year with a wayyy too cushioned emergency fund which means that next year I am going to start doing some big girl ish thanks to my friends at Invibed's wealth coaching and start investing!

Where am I going with all of this?

Well, last year Eric and I decided not to do resolutions anymore. They typically left us feeling way to #basic than we cared to be and guilt-ridden by March for falling off the wagon. Instead, we decided to start a new tradition where we each write a letter to ourselves to be opened on NYE the next year.

The letter basically consists of the following:

– Where we were at closing out the previous year

– What our “predictions” are for the new year in our relationship with one another, with ourselves, with family, friends, our careers and our finances.

– Any random hopes, thoughts, or wishes

Truth be told, we were closing out 2015 bingeing One Tree Hill and totally stole the idea from when Lucas and Haley would write out their predictions for the coming school year. Who else wishes they would bring that show back!?

I am really excited to open them on Saturday night and share with you guys on Monday how things turned out!

Do you have any non-traditional New Year's Eve celebrations or beliefs? Drop me a comment and share!

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Check out this podcast episode where we share how we've updated this tradition over the years! We share our exact 5 part framework we use to write our letters!

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Looking to finally stick with those NYE resolutions? Grab TCM's Goal Setting Guide!

69 thoughts on “Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions; Do This Instead”

  1. We do this at Thanksgiving and think it would be a great idea for New Years. Setting a new routine around our home.

  2. Love that idea !! And love that you stole the idea from One Tree Hill even more. Obsessed with that show!

    xx, Jamie

    1. Haha thanks girl! I’ve maxed it out the last 4 years! I save up throughout the year so in January each year the money is already set, and I pay myself first at the start of the year, rather than waiting and seeing what I have left to contribute at the end of the year.

    1. Thanks Anna! And that is SO sweet! I’ve enjoyed yours too! So happy we got to “meet” and get to know each other through MBN! Excited to see what’s in store for you in 2017!

  3. lol I’m with ya, I’ve been eating my way through the cheese platters since december 24th. Such a cool idea to look at the future- I’m headed to that astronomy link you provided to check it out! x

    1. Yeah they sell these books for the year that are super awesome! Last year they sent it out for free via Marie Forleo’s mailing list, I am hoping they will do it again. Otherwise they do free daily and weekly scopes on that site. They are so talented though!

  4. Nothing non-traditional. I don’t make resolutions but do make goals. A couple are relatively attainable with some effort and others I make a little harder with no guarantee that I will achieve them. I believe that if everything were easy then they wouldn’t be worth working towards.

  5. Jennifer Anderson Marx

    I like goals, not resolutions. Glad to hear your 2016 went well and here’s hoping for an even better 2017! Happy New Year!

  6. I like the idea of a fresh start. Even though every day could be looked at that way, there is something about a new year! Thanks for sharing and love your voice!

    1. YAY! That’s basically how I felt last year haha just enjoy it and don’t try to plan ever area of your life! Excited for you this year! What month is the wedding again?

  7. Good on you, I was basically said the same to us about blogging and it won’t do well or really how do you make it a business, we are doing well and very excited about it. Hope you have a fantastic and prosperous 2017. I never make resolutions usually but this is the year to start, well sort of more like goals, to quit smoking and get healthy

  8. I love this post! I’m going to start writing that letter to myself now. That Monkey really did a number on me, so I can’t wait for 2017 to get here. Happy New Year!

  9. I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolution too! I usually cross the bridge when I get there.Congratulations on your successes this year! More to come in 2017! Happy new year! ?

  10. This was great, I love your perspective on life! I think we get so wrapped up in the idea of resolutions that we stress ourselves out so much we get blocked. I am not setting up resolutions this year but I am setting goals and intentions…lots of positive intentions – intentions to have more adventures, big or small, intentions to learn to live more simply and enjoy life more. I intend to make this my best year yet no matter what is thrown at me!

    1. Intentions are so key for me! In the letter I actually wrote for lessons learned in 2015 “I can manifest anything” – it’s so true, we have the choice to make each year the best year yet, not matter what life throws at us. The mind is such a powerful muscle! Happy New Year!

  11. Such a fun post! I’ve never thought of writing a letter to myself but that is sounds like a fun and awesome tradition to start! Especially since I’m not a resolution person myself! Happy New Years!

  12. I had so much fun reading this post dk why. Must be because of your perspective and straight forwardness. I’m not a person who would have resolutions but I do make sure to list out few goals and targets that I need to accomplish. 😀 Happy New Year.

  13. Congrats on your success this year! That is so awesome:) Also I am obsessed with one tree hill haha and probably watched the series more than 5 times haha thats probably super embarrassing but I can’t get enough of it!

    1. Haha girl me too! I was actually a podcast guest last year and the host and I both had watched OTH at least 5 times over, and the episodes intro is actually the OTH theme song haha I can’t get enough of it either! It’s probably my favorite from that decade.

  14. LOVE this idea. I truly believe achieving goals is all about speaking them out and believing they’re going to happen…not just writing them down, hoping they will happen. When you write them out in a letter I think it psychologically tricks your mind to think they have happened…so your mind works towards making them happen…so cool!

    1. Agreed Krista! In my letter from 2015 I actually wrote “lessons learned in 2015: I can manifest anything” – and it’s really been amazing to see it play out in life!

  15. You’re so full of positivity! The letter thing is a wonderful idea, I might try it out with my boyfriend for our anniversary or perhaps next new year’s haha!

  16. This is the freakin’ coolest idea! I would love to do something like this with my boyfriend. It’d be interesting reading a letters from this year because a lot of my fears will be either resolved or realized this time next year (grad school… eeek). Love the photos in this post btw!

    Kayla |

  17. I love this message AND your voice – so real and relateable. Here’s to an intentionally amazing year!

  18. I loved reading this and I love your idea instead of New Years Resolutions! Maybe I’ll take that next year! I love your blog so much because I find it so relatable, so I can’t wait to see what you do this year!

  19. Loved this idea! I don’t really pay attention to the new year – I tend to celebrate more for the lunar new year. I’m pretty excited for it.

  20. I love the idea of writing letters to each other instead! I may have to try this with my boyfriend!

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