Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY: 3 Tabletop Tree Hacks You Need!

Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY: 3 Tabletop Tree Hacks You Need! tabletop christmas tree

If you're wondering if the Dollar Tree has mini Christmas Trees the answer is YES! The Dollar Store sells these tabletop Christmas Trees – but they are a little *ahem* underwhelming… Which is why you're going to LOVE these DIY Christmas hacks I have for them! Below you'll find 3 Dollar Tree Mini Christmas tree DIY hacks you'll definitely want to try this year for a fuller, farmhouse, and boho finish to your holiday decor!

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Table of Contents

Youtube Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY tutorial:

Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY Hack #1: A fuller / richer finish


  • Mini tree
  • Wire garland sprigs
  • Spray snow (optional)

Step 1: Unfold your mini tree

Take the mini tree out of the box and unfold the branches.

Step 2: Fill in your tabletop Christmas Tree

Take the pack of garland sprigs and fill in any empty areas by just folding the sprig in half around the base and twisting it so it stays on.

TIP: as you get closer to the top, use the same twist method, but this time, take the long sprig and fold it in half. This makes it a little fuller and shorter, giving it more of a real finish (see video tutorial)

Step 3: Flock it (OPTIONAL)

Use the spray snow from the Dollar Tree to “flock” your tree. For a richer finish, add more coats.

TIP: If you have pets or kids around, maybe skip this and don't flock a tree near a fireplace as it contains acetone, highly flammable!

Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY Hack #2: Farmhouse Finish


  • Mini tree from previous step
  • Galvanized tin from Dollar Tree garden section

How to assemble you farmhouse Dollar Tree tabletop tree:

Take the “feet” off your mini tree, and then just plop it into the galvanized tin! Voila! A perfect little farmhouse Christmas tree! If you want this to have a firmer hold or make your tree sit taller in the pot, you could use a foam block from the garden section. But the width of the tree is wide enough it will sit nicely in the pot on it's own (the look I did).

You could also decorate the tin and tree with some Christmas ribbon or ornaments if you want. I prefered the simple look of this since it went in our bedroom which is a minimalist industrial boho vibe.

Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY Hack #3: Boho finish


  • Mini tree from the Dollar Tree
  • Pencil cup (or any other base form you like from the dollar store)
  • Hula Skirt (Seasonal at Dollar Tree) or raffia ribbon or jute rope/twine (garden section)
  • Hot glue
  • Foam block (optional)
  • Garland (optional)

Step 1: Create your boho base

I used a hula skirt for this, but you could also use the raffia ribbon. Simply braided off a handful of sections. I believe I needed 8 braids, but yours may vary if you choose a different size container.

If you use jute rope or twine you have a choice – if the twine is thin, you may want to braid as well, if it's thicker you may want to leave it as is and move onto the next step.

Step 2: Glue your textured base onto your hard base

Next you'll glue your textured base from Step 1 onto your hard base by simply adding some hot glue around the bottom edge of your pencil cup (or whatever hard base you chose) and wrapping your textured material around it.

You want to make sure each row sits close together so you can't see any of the pencil cup peaking through.

This creates a nice boho basket finish for your mini tree!

Step 3: Assemble

Since the pencil cup is kind of short, I cut some of the foam block I had left over from my Christmas mailbox DIY and fit it into the pencil cup. Then I took the feet off the Christmas tree and just pushed the base of it into the foam block. This added some height where the Christmas tree didn't sit directly on the cup but was sturdy enough to sit upright. Since you could see the foam block still, I used some leftover garland from my DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath to cover it.

If you re-create this any of these Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree hacks I'd LOVE to see them! Tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!


Wondering what the BEST Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree Ideas are? Look no further! I’m sharing 3 of the best kept secrets for creating the perfect tabletop christmas tree this holiday season! These work perfectly for a farmhouse or or rustic boho finish to your holiday decor! Let me know which of these dollar tree mini christmas tree ideas is your favorite!

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