Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath Tutorial: Pastel Halloween Pink Aesthetic DIY Tutorial

This spooky holiday season is all about the pastel Halloween pink aesthetic decorations around here! And I'm obsessed with the this years dollar store wreath! Discover exactly how to make this Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath in the tutorial below that is sure to wow! Plus customization ideas to create your perfect wreath with dollar store items!


NOTE: You can purchase all of the supplies at the your local Dollar Tree store (except the glue gun and spray paint) – you can browse their selection here.

Below I included inexpensive items from Amazon if you want something a little more “elevated” with the florals or don't have access to a Dollar Store supplies.

Either way, you'll see it's it's easy to make a cheap Halloween wreath that's still beautiful! Mine came in around $9 (excluding the paints, which I used for other things).

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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

Step 1: Spray paint

Start your Dollar Tree Halloween wreath by spray painting the skull and pumpkins in your pastel Halloween pink aesthetic colors.

I went with more of a “halloween candy color decor” look with the pink, purple, blue, and yellow – but you can stick to an all pink aesthetic with varying shades of blush and cotton candy pink.

Step 2: Prep your florals

While your stuff dries, prep your artificial flowers by pulling them off their stems.

I separated some of the one's that had an inner flower bud here too.

Even if you don't plan to use the leaves, set them aside for now instead of tossing them!

NOTE: I used a dab of hot glue to adhere these to the wire wreath form, however you may want to use floral wire for a more traditional fall wreath.

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halloween cute ghost download

Step 3: Anchor your wreath

Start by adding your center “anchor” to the bottom of the wreath. I went with the skull for this.

Because of the skulls shape, I found it easiest to glue to floral leaves onto the back of the skull then glue the leaves to the backside of the wreath wire frame. It just gave it more surface area to grip on well.

Similarly, I added some florals on either side of the skulls cheeks, since they narrow, and then glued the pumpkins to the florals.

Step 4: Add your main pieces

Once the base anchor was set, I began adding the pumpkins around the wire frame.

How I make a Dollar Tree Halloween wreath, is by gluing two to three pumpkins onto each other, holding for a minute, then flipping over to the back of the wreath and gluing them to the wire frame. I find this is the easiest step-by-step process for getting things to stick and hold properly.

I repeated this process all the way around.

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Step 5: Fill it in

Once the main pieces were set on the wreath, it was time to add the florals to fill in any gaps.

I find it easiest to use a piece of twine at the top of the wreath, then hang it up and fill in the gaps. That way you can visually see how the flowers hit and arrange them how you'll ultimately want them.

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DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

How to make a black Halloween wreath DIY?

You can easily swap the color palette of this wreath out for a spookier version.

You can go with a classic Halloween color palette: black, orange, purple, and green.

Or you can do something a bit more “elevated” using different black spray paint finishes (ultra matte, satin, etc.) and a stone spray paint like this. Instead of florals you could use the black creepy cloth from the dollar tree to fill in the gaps.

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halloween cute ghost download

What else can I fill in blank spaces of the wreath with?

If you don't want to use florals to fill in the gaps of your wire wreath frame you could use any of the following inexpensive supplies:

  • Piece of ribbon
  • Purple decor mesh
  • Black mesh
  • Orange deco mesh
  • Fake cobwebs
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Black creepy cloth
  • The Halloween scarves (cut up) from the front of the Dollar Tree

I find DIY Halloween wreaths have quickly become my favorite outdoor Halloween decorations and DIY projects! They make a great way to dress up your front door during the Halloween season.

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This has quickly become my new favorite DIY Dollar Tree Halloween wreath I've done! I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree Halloween wreath craft as much as I did! If you make it, I'd LOVE to see it! Tag me @theconfusedmom!

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