DIY Wooden Wreath Plaque Christmas Ornament For Less than $2!

Dollar Tree Wooden Round Wreath Plaque Ornament DIY

Discover how to make a wooden wreath plaque Christmas ornament that can double as a gift tag or Christmas table setting name card.

Wooden rounds are a fantastic craft supply to have on hand during Christmas. While the supplies aren't from the dollar store, they all do cost under $1 which makes it a great, affordable, and easy Christmas ornament DIY to try this year! Plus It's highly customizable.

This was inspired by these Deer Plaques ornaments from Hobby Lobby. They are definitely affordable, but not my style and wanted to recreate the look in colors I liked more.

Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments DIY 2020 Youtube Video

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This is honestly the easiest Christmas DIY.

I ordered this box of wood slices and this pack of sisal trees that came with cute little wreaths.

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From there I simply hot glued a wreath onto the wooden round plaque. It's really that simple.

If you have good handwriting you can use a sharpie, or if you have a Cricut you could also add a saying like “Merry Christmas,” the year, or a persons name to make them personalized. These could also make cute gift tags in my opinion!

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