DIY Santa Globe Ornament | Pottery Barn DUPE using Dollar Tree Supplies

DIY Santa Globe Ornament | Pottery Barn DUPE using Dollar Tree Supplies

I found this adorable Santa terrarium/snow globe type ornament at Pottery Barn for almost $15 and KNEW I could DIY the Christmas Ornament with Dollar Tree supplies for under $3! It's the perfect magical winter scene to add to your Christmas Tree this year!

Below you'll find the step-by-step tutorial for how to dupe the Pottery Barn ornament.

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Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments DIY 2020 Youtube Video


  • inverted mason jar ornament from Dollar Tree craft section
  • Santa (I had this one from a 3 pack of figurines you can get at the Dollar Tree)
  • Sisal trees
  • Faux snow
  • Funnel
  • hot glue
  • 2 cotton balls (optional)

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Step 1: Lay your base

Since this ornament casing is so tall, I wanted to give Santa and the trees some height so it looked like they were standing on a mound of snow. To do this I hot glued 2 cotton balls to the base of the ornament lid. Make sure you don't get glue on the edges, because you need this to twist back on.

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Step 2: Assemble your scene

Hot glue Santa and the trees onto the cotton balls. They will be a little floppy, that's okay, the ornament is thin once all of this is in there and holds it in place pretty well.

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Step 3: Let it snow!

Twist the base with your winter-y scene onto the top jar part of the ornament, then remove the silver clasp/topper. Insert your funnel and dust with snow.

If you want to make it fancier, you could always use velvet ribbon instead of the silver string that comes with the Dollar Tree ornament.

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