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It's no secret I love the moon! Heck, I named my daughter after it (read more about her unique baby girl name here!). We have moon wallpaper (use code THECONFUSEDMILLENNIAL for 15% off1) in my office, and these adorable moon prints in our desert-moon themed nursery that I always get compliments on! So when it came to this awkward dead space on one of the walls in our home, I knew I wanted to DIY a custom phases of the moon wall hanging to add a little unique home decor that continued the overall theme throughout.

In my post on how to create a mood board for your entire home, I talk about having a few “through” elements you carry throughout, and it looks like moons have become one of ours!

Table of Contents


  • Thin sheet metalSee notes on this in step 1 before you buy!!
  • Stencil – See notes on this in step 1!
  • Marker – I used a chalk pen from the dollar tree and then a dry erase when I misplaced that to easily wipe off later
  • Cutting pliersSee notes on this in step 1 + 3 before you buy!!
  • SandpaperDon't skimp and get dollar tree sanding paper for this!
  • Metal hole punch
  • Chain
  • Jump rings (these come with the chain I linked!)
  • Long-Nose Pliers
  • Beads (optional) – See notes in step 9
  • Wire (optional)


Step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a DIY phases of the moon wall hanging decor for your space AND customizing it for your wall size!

Step 1: Measuring

Map out the dimensions of your wall hanging.

Figure out how wide you want your wall hanging to be before buying the metal! I originally got this thin metal and it is fabulous (see video), but then I realized that it wasn't wide enough for the awkward space I was trying to fill.

I was having a hard time finding a sheet wide enough and thin enough so I ultimately went with a craft metal from a local store but it was REALLY thick and kind of hard to cut and also why I have the note on cutting pliers (more on that in Step 3 though).

And since you're measuring, now is a good time to measure how long you'll want your phases of the moon wall hanging to be too!

Step 2: Tracing

Once you have your dimensions and sheet metal, it's time to stencil!

No need to buy a fancy stencil, you can use items around your home like a mason jar lid, masking tape roll, bowl, etc. I used the base of one of my daughter's toys).

NOTE: Use a washable/easy to erase marker for the tracing though. I used a chalk pen from the Dollar Tree and an white board marker. Both worked well on the metal and were easy to wipe off my daughter's toy after.

Depending on how big you want your wall hanging you can add more or less phases of the moon. I did five for mine, but you could do 7, or 9, or even 3!

Step 3: Cutting

Grab your cutting pliers to begin cutting out your phases of the moon shapes.

Step 4: Sanding

When all of your phases of the moon pieces are cut out, sand any jagged edges. I also gave the faces of the moon's a light sanding to scuff them up a bit and match the inevitable scratches that happened when sanding the edges (again, patience isn't a strong suit of mine, if you're careful you could probably avoid that from happening).

Step 5: Prep the moons for assembly

Grab your metal hole punch and get pretty close to the top and bottom edge of your moons (remember, a jump ring will go here so we don't want the holes close to the edge).

Make sure you are punching holes in the right spot (depending if you're hanging vertically or horizontally). I suggest laying the wall hanging out before assembling so you know exactly what it'll look like before punching holes.

Step 6: Prepping the chain

Horizontal (landscape) wall hanging:

This is a bit easier. You'll just measure the length of your horizontal chain first and cut that with your cutting pliers. Then you'll just measure the pieces of the chain for however far you'll want the phases of the moon to drop down off the main chain.

Vertical (portrait) wall hanging: what I did

I looked at my original measurement for how long I wanted my wall hanging to be. Then I deduct the measurements of each of the moons. I divided the number by 6 (2 top chains, and 4 in-between chains) for my 5 pieces hanging.

I then cut 6 pieces of the chain according to that length using the cutting pliers.

Step 7: Assembly

Take a jump ring and open it up with the long nose pliers. Attach the jump ring to one of the hole punches in your moon and one of your chains. Secure the jump ring shut again using the pliers.

Repeat until all the pieces are connected (AND HANGING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!).

If you messed up your chain measurements, don't stress, as you can see it's really easy to swap out the length of the chain by just opening the jump rings again!

Step 8: Securing the top

For the top of your wall hanging we need to create a secure loop to hang it by.

Depending on the size and weight of your wall hanging, you may be able to just use a jump ring.

Mine is pretty large and heavy, so instead I created a loop with some extra chain, and just secure the ends of my loop with a jump ring.

You could also use some metal wire to create a loop that you just thread through the chain and twist closed.

Step 9: Adding a little style (optional)

If you like your wall hanging as it is, you're all done!

If you want to add a touch of personal style here you can use the wire and some beads to create a little more of a unique finish to your wall hanging.

Just string the beads onto the wire and wrap the tip of the wire through the bead to secure it (as if you're creating a lower case g shape with the wire onto the bead). Use the other tale to secure it onto the chain.

Hang + enjoy!

There you have it! A simple DIY phases of the moon wall hanging for a little boho decor in your space. I'm so in love with it and have already gotten so many compliments from family who has come over and seen it! It's the perfect way to create a personal and custom piece for your home!

I'd love to see your versions if you guys make this! Tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!


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