DIY Halloween Ghost Garland [Only $3 Dollar Tree Hack!!]

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

Okay I'm OBSESSED with these cute little Casper the ghosts! I made this DIY Ghost Garland using only supplies from the Dollar Tree and I have to say, it's quickly become one of my FAVORITE Halloween Dollar Tree DIYs!! It's cute, easy, and affordable at Halloween decor hack for only $3!!

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Watch the step-by-step tutorial in the video!

Dollar Tree DIY Ghost Garland Tutorial


  • Ping pong balls or the eyes from the dollar tree
  • Gauze
  • Twine, string or yarn
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Marker
  • White paint + paintbrush (if using eyes)
  • OPTIONAL – Hairspray

Step 1: Cover the eye

If you're using ping pong balls you can skip this step. But if you get the eyes, cover the pupil with white paint. You want your ball to by all white.

Step 2: Cover your balls with the first layer of gauze

Cut strips of gauze about 6 inches long. Each ball will need 2 strips of gauze.

For the first layer of gauze, trace a circle around your ball about halfway down (so basically at the midway line trace the circumference of the ball with your hot glue).

Press your first layer of gauze on carefully. The glue will soak through. You don't need to move fast for this. The glue stays kind of tacky/modable.

Step 3: Assembling your ghost

Then lay your next strip of gauze over the top of the ball going in the opposite direction that you layed the first strip. Essentially creating an X with the gauze strips

Next you'll place a dot of glue at the top of your ghost. So your second layer of gauze is already being held in place, then do your glue dot, then you'll attach the string to that glue dot.

Again, the glue is hot so be careful, Dollar Tree has finger protectors if you need. The glue also stays pretty moldable for a minute, so adjust as needed. You will need to hold the string in place firmly for 30 seconds or so to ensure it really sticks on.

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Step 4: Ghost eyes

Grab your black marker, add little eyes (or faces if you want!) to your ghosts!

Step 5: Twist/form your ghosts into shape

Hang your garland so you can see what it'll look like then go ahead and finish shaping your ghosts as needed.

Mine needed a little extra glue (I originally only dotted the first layer of gauze, I had to go back and do the semi-circle trick I told you about in step 1).

I also twisted the ends of the gauze together. It looks funny but they end up flaring out nicely. You may want to hairspray or use a starch spray over your finish shape so your ghosts so they hold their form a little better. I don't own hairspray or starch spray so I just went back and twisted them in place a few times over the first 24 hours and eventually they stuck.

Hang and enjoy!!

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