DIY Dried Floral Ball Ornament Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies

DIY Dried Floral Ball Ornament Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies

Dried floral glass ball ornaments are all the rage in 2020. While they are beautiful, they are a little pricey – which is funny because they are SO easy to DIY! I used this Crate & Barrel Christmas ornament as inspiration since it matched the Dollar Tree floral picks and Christmas supplies I had on hand.

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  • largest round ball ornament from Dollar Tree craft section your can find
  • pine garland strips from Dollar Tree
  • Berries
  • Faux snow and funnel (optional)
  • Twine/ribbon

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Step 1: Prep your florals

I used one of the pine garland strips from my Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY since it was already lightly flocked using the spray snow you can get at the Dollar Tree. Then I twisted some berries from a leftover dollar store Christmas floral pick into the pine sprig.

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Step 2: Assemble

Remove the ornament cap, and gently push the pine into the ornament opening. You'll only be able to fit one bushel of berries in at once, so it's important to twist them onto the pine sprig and secure them well in advance; or use really long tweezers to rearrange once everything is in the ornament. You could also hot glue the berries onto the sprig to hold things in place I think.

Once your florals are in the ornament, arrange it to the best of your ability. I use a closed pair of scissors to guide the florals into place.

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Step 3: Let it snow (optional)

Next I used a funnel to add faux snow from the dollar store into the ornament. I only wanted a light dusting, not too overpowering. The funnel gave me some control of where I directed it and slowed the flow without making a mess.

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If you want to make it fancier, you could always use velvet ribbon instead of the silver string that comes with the Dollar Tree ornament.

And there you have it! All together this cost me less than $2 compared to the $8 Crate and Barrel one!