The BEST DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Decor Ideas

Looking to DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments for the perfect personalized holiday decor? Look no further!

You'll love these Dollar Tree holiday dupe ideas! Inspired by ornaments from Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel, people will NEVER guess these DIY christmas ornaments cost you only $1-2 to make compared to the $10+ they'd cost you at other retailers!

Even better? These Christmas ornaments can be reused each year after 2020 and even made into gift tags or table setting place cards for your Christmas dinner!

Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments DIY 2020 Youtube Video

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Cotton Sphere Christmas Ornament

Inspired by a Hobby Lobby ornament that normally costs $10, I was OBSESSED with this little DIY Christmas Ornament dupe I made for .75!! Discover how to DIY Cotton Sphere Christmas Ornament here!

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Wooden Wreath Plaque Christmas Ornament

This Christmas Ornament DIY is SO easy that it almost feels like cheating! You can also use it as a gift tag or table setting name card. Discover how to DIY Wooden Wreath Plaque Christmas Ornament here!

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Boho Star Christmas Ornament

DIY Boho Star Christmas Ornament Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies

I'm a huge fan of boho holiday decor – check out all my picks here! And decided to use some dollar store supplies to DIY Boho Star Christmas Ornament!

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Dried Floral Ball Christmas Ornament

DIY Dried Floral Ball Ornament Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies

Dried floral ball ornaments are all the rage in 2020! These typically run upwards of $8, but this one cost me only $2 to DIY! Discover how to DIY Dried Floral Ball Ornament Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies here!

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Santa Globe Christmas Ornament

DIY Santa Globe Ornament | Pottery Barn DUPE using Dollar Tree Supplies

How cute is this little Santa Globe Terrarium ornament? Inspired by the magical winter-y scene in a Pottery Barn ornament that normally costs $15, this Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Dupe costs only $3 to make! It's such a steal! Discover how to DIY the Santa Globe Christmas Ornament here!

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Looking for EASY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments to DIY by yourself or with kids this year? Look no further! I've rounded up the BEST dollar store DIY christmas decor ideas to add to your tree. These require no skill, very little time, and can be made for just $1! Who doesn't love $1 Christmas Ornaments?!? Especially one's that look as high end as these!