Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Decor: Cousin Itt From Addams Family

Who else was an Addams Family fan growing up?! When I saw these Hula skirts at the Dollar Tree I grabbed a handful – not knowing totally what I'd use them for but I knew they would come in handy! In fact, I have another DIY in the pipeline with them to create a jute pumpkin – so stay tuned! They ended up being the PERFECT look and texture to create a DIY Cousin Itt Halloween Decoration using only items from the Dollar Tree! Below you'll find a video tutorial and step-by-step text explanation of how to make your own Cousin It!

BONUS: You don't need a tomato cage! You can get the grass hula skirts and everything else (except the hat) at the Dollar Tree!

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Watch the step-by-step tutorial in the video!


  • Hula skirts (at least 2, ideally 3)
  • Plunger
  • Box (optional)
  • Skull
  • Charlie Chaplin hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Hot Glue (use these sticks or it won't hold!)
  • Tape (see video explanation)
DIY Cousin Itt Halloween Decoration supply list using only items from Dollar Tree. Print as a shopping list to get all your supplies from the dollar store for this Halloween decor hack!

How To DIY Cousin Itt Halloween Decoration With ONLY Dollar Tree Items: Step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: Create your inside form

Figure out how tall your want Cousin Itt to be. You can leave it at the plunger height or you can add a little box underneath.

I had this little box that added just the right amount of height for the space. Make sure you use as thin of a box as possible. I tried hot gluing the plunger with some cheap glue sticks but it didn't hold, so I ended up taping it. If you do hot glue, use these glue sticks which are the strongest and should do the trick!

Then you'll take your skull from the Dollar Tree and cut an X at the base of the skull. Pop that right on top of the plunger. You can glue this in place if you want it to be a bit more secure (see video above).

Step 2: Cover your base

Take 1 hula skirt and your hot glue gun and just go around the skulls forehead.

If you have 3 hula skirts, just repeat this process. The bottom layer should reach the ground, and then you can go up a 1/4 of an inch with each layer after that – or you can have them all the same length, totally up to you!

If you only have 2 hula skirts, then take your second hula skirt and fold it in half.

Step 3: Top it off!

Grab your top hat and place it on top of your skull! You can add Cousin Itts classic sunglasses if you want too! Depending on the size of your sunglasses you may need to hot glue them onto the skull (just pull back the grass of the skirt to do it).

I'd LOVE to see how you recreate this DIY dollar tree halloween ornament wreath!! Tag me on instagram @theconfusedmillennial if you make it!

Save for later:

Looking for an EASY and affordable Halloween Decor DIY? Check out this Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Decor hack for Cousin Itt From Addams Family! It's the perfect Halloween prop that's unique and adds a nice neutral texture to your halloween home decor! Kids will love how friendly Cousin It is too! #halloweendiy #dollartreehalloween #cousinitt #diycousinitt #diydollartreehalloween BONUS: no tomato cage needed! Just grab a grass hula skirt and a few other items from your dollar store!

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