DIY Cotton Sphere Christmas Ornament | Hobby Lobby Dupe Using Dollar Store Supplies

DIY Cotton Ball Ornament | Hobby Lobby Dupe Using Dollar Store Supplies

Cotton holiday decor has been all the rage the last few years thanks to farmhouse home decor. I discovered this ornament at Hobby Lobby that normally costs $10 and thought it was so cute – but expensive. So I decided to dupe it as a Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament DIY for 2020.

And guess what? I made it for just .75! Yep, 75 CENTS!!

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Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments DIY 2020 Youtube Video


I found this bag of cotton stem fillers for $1.49 in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby which ended up making 2 ornaments! You can use Dollar Tree floral fall picks too if you want to make this with only Dollar Tree supplies but it'll cost you a little more.

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2 options here for how to DIY a cotton sphere Christmas ornament:

  • using a cotton ball as a center
  • gluing the cotton pods directly onto one another

I think it comes out a little fluffier with the cotton ball in the center, but it's not necessary.

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If using the cotton ball center…

Start by hot gluing one of your cotton stems onto the ball, then just keep filling in. I chose to do the opposite side next, so I could squish the two stems together (like pressing a book shut). Then I did the other two side (essentially making a square with the stems), before filling in the 2 empty sides.

In other words, you're making a “cube” using 6 cotton stem pieces as sides.

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Be careful when attaching each pod that you don't press to hard and risk the “cube” form collapsing into itself. Once everything dries it's sturdy, but fragile during the working process.

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If you're not using a cotton ball…

You'll still form a cube essentially. I think I was able to use one less piece this way, where instead of making a square, I made a triangle.

Just glue the stems together. I found that putting the hot glue on the stem I was about to add to the ornament was easiest. That way you had some control over where it hit.

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This is kind of fragile while assembling too, not as much as the previous version though. Just because careful if you push one side to hard it can collapse on you. Once it's assembled and dries it's super secure.

For both…

Don't forget to attach some twine or string to hang the ornament. I'm just using some of the cotton twine you can find in the hardware section at the Dollar Tree.

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