DIY Boho Star Christmas Ornament Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies

DIY Boho Star Christmas Ornament Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies

Looking to add a boho inspired Christmas ornament to your tree this year? Discover how to make a boho star Christmas ornament using only supplies from the Dollar Tree!

Inspired by the boho star garland I shared in my “Decorate With Me Christmas 2020″ video I decided to make my own DIY boho stars ornaments using Dollar Tree supplies! This also makes a beautiful gift tag too!

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Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments DIY 2020 Youtube Video

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  • thin dowel rods
  • raffia or hula skirt strand
  • scissors
  • hot glue

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Step 1: Cut your dowels

For a cleaner look, use a saw and cut a 45 degree angle. But you can also just cut a straight line with a scissor. You'll want 5 equal pieces.

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Step 2: Assemble your star

Hot glue the dowel rods together at the points to create your star.

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Step 3: Decorate the star

I used a strand of raffia from one of the Dollar Tree hula skirts since the color matched so well. I twisted the strand to make it thinner and a little more boho. Next, I hot glued the first strand onto a tip of the star and then just wrapped the strand around the star freestyle.

Voila! A perfectly boho star Christmas ornament to add to your Christmas tree this year!

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